Kevin Durant Jr - 6'5 sixth grader Shareef O'Neal: "My Time" Episode 1 day ago   01:46

The next Kevin Durant may just be a kid from Michigan. 6'5 sixth grader Emoni Bates has taken the youth basketball scene by storm and is being called Kevin Durant Jr. Emoni first gained national attention after a video released by D Rich TV. Bates has a smooth outside jumper, ridiculous ball handling skills for his size, and plays the game in an eerily similar way to Kevin Durant.

The best is yet to come from Emoni as he will clearly still add speed and athleticism to his game in coming years. At the NEO Youth Elite Camp the Class of 2022 prospect was unstoppable. Bates also had a big time showing at the 2016 Midwest Nationals where he ran with super team We All Can Go (WACG).

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Bruins In 7
He’s not 6’5
Brandon Johnson
He fire rite now i was lookin for him dud grow up real quick 2019
Samuel Sianturi
Bruh im 7th grade n im 5'5
Richard Blaine
Dude looks retarded he ain't got any potential
Pete Ru
He's not 6"5
Vincent E Stone
THAT is unparalleled skill set. But don't believe he's K.D's son.
Nkosi Rooms
Did anyone ask Kd. Don't think that's his son not even one pic of them together.
Calvin Royal
The kid acts like he's big shit!...he has a huge advantage now! many shit heads like him turned bust..Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum, Shawn Bradley.. injuries and greater competition. That growth rate and constant basketball could end his career before it starts...or make it short and unproductive..Take it easy kid, someone should educate him on being s student of the game.....and bring him down a notch or two...for his greater development!...Mind, Body, Soul, Loot and Hoes... on and off the court, the future!
Donny P
If I was a foot taller in the sixth grade, I'd still be a foot shorter than him.
Don Don
Jungle heritage
Dallas Cowboys Fan
I just hope the Young Man will keep His head Screwed-on Straight thru-out and keep Right-on Ball'in just like he's Doing right Now ! Because trouble and Bull.... will Come looking for you Personally Whenever You are trying to Walk down that Straight and Narrow Path in 'Yo Life ! I like Very much What i do See from that Young Man, and how he's Doing thang's On that Basketball Court at a Young moderate Age Though ! Cudos there to You, young K.D. Jr. ! 👍👌 I-💙'd It...
chugg norris
Celebrating after every bucket versus kids half your size... very pretentious attitude for a child. Good luck in the future and I hope he keeps working or else....
Arkeio Craig
He to old to be out there with those kids world fooling y'all again
Stephen Dove
Lawrence Milam
Hmm this might not b KD son unless he had em @17yrs old! 💭 KD was about 28-29 well anything is poss👍
At 6.5 he should be Yammer jamming
He look like a mix of KD & Jamal Crawford...
This kid has a lot more growing to do that’s scary
K.o.o.l Moor
He should be playing with his Uncle's out there. I'd this was Serbia or Latvia or wherever Luka is from he'd be playing professionally already and be a LONGGGG NIGHTMARE for the league by 19-20! If we followed the same model for future pro-am prospects he would be the exhibit A to proove the case for developmental schools. He could at least play G-Leauge for the summers
MissGeorgiaAnnPeach F.
"E" BATES IS NOT "KD"SON🏀🏀🏀🥇💙💚❤💛🧡💜
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Shareef O'Neal: "My Time" Episode Kevin Durant Jr - 6'5 sixth grader 1 day ago   48:30

My Time Episode 3: Shareef works out with his father Shaquille O'Neal & family. Then plays some pick up games against Quavo from Migos with friends & family (including Bol Bol).

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Currie

Thanks to James Hunt
Purpose Driven Training

Music by Tucker Cirimele

Photo's by Marvin Jimenez

Thanks to George Nguyen / In The Lab News for additional footage

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