Learning Counting and Colors | Team Learning Video for Kids Counting 1 day ago   10:40

Hazel's Mom
Sometimes teamwork means helping others out even when they make a mistake. Join Hazel's Mom and friends on this adventure of counting, learning colors, and being ok when we make a mistake.

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Hazel's Mom videos are wholesome family-friendly educational videos for toddlers and kids where they can learn things like shapes, colors, opposites, and even science. Hazel's Mom videos are a great way to give your little ones a jump start in their early childhood education.

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Rainbow Baby Surprise
Hello new friends here, we just wanted to drop a line! We just subscribed
The Dino Wrangler
Loved the Dino! And the teamwork was great!
Evan's Adventures
Awesome learning video! We enjoyed watching! FV ❤💜💙💚💛
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Learning Video for Kids Counting Learning Counting and Colors | Team 1 day ago   16:29

Hey everybody it's Growing Little Ones for Jesus and today we have a Paw Patrol Puzzle and a Baby Shark Puzzle! Each time we do our math problems correctly we get to open up a surprise Melissa and Doug Alphabet box! While we are having fun with the Monkey Balance Game we will be teaching and learning addition and counting numbers! I hope you enjoy this Best Learning Video for Kids!

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