7 NBA Players Who WILL Be On A NEW TEAM Before The REAL Secret to an Unstoppable Fadeaway 2 days ago   15:08

Nick Smith NBA
Here are 8 NBA players who have the potential to be on a NEW TEAM before the start of the 2019 NBA season.

Russell Westbrook video: https://ufl.ae/videow/VX2HoQ_sQk8

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Nick Smith NBA
Where do you think these players end up? AND do you have any other players you think could be on a new team by the start of the 2019-20 season?
cali mogie
Ur dumb af igi retired
7:49 lol then andre igoudala dunks on dwight howard
White Tape
Man I totally agree with you about D12. But you know people will always hate him even when he would win championship or even more rings
Luis Montoya
I think melo shouldn't be on a team bc he is a terrible teammate i went to a b-ball camp that had Patrick Patterson in it and he said melo was the worst teammate he has ever had and he played on a lot of teams
Keith Campbell
Every time I listen to you I get dumber.
Claren Dennis
What does Dwight Howard was the greatest Center in the NBA mean??? Cuz I'm about to thumbs down the shit outta this video if he saying Dwight Howard is the greatest center in the NBA... Fuck outta here with that bullshit
Russel Westbrook is staying on the Rockets
Hand Meover
So..... *tHiS* is what "scraping the NBA bottom of the barrel" LooKs like?
Xiaofei Zhan
but Westbrook to rocket
Jaden R
Pelicans Will Rise
The Lakers don't have $17 million for Iggy unless the Grizzlies buyout his $17 million year contract which I doubt. The Grizzlies can trade him but the Lakers have to trade players to free up the cap space for that $17 million gap.
do a rebuilding series again
Cecilia Pestrana
Carmelo to the Lakers! Oh please no!!!
Bale Sahagun
If only , I'm not trying to be hard on Melo ether, but if only he could have taken a bench position on OKC last year who knows how great it would have been
Bale Sahagun
OKC rebuilding age as a fan of them I'm truly excited
Pound Cake
People sleeping on Dwight
ilyaas khan
Damn in an okc fan if Westbrook gets traded in actually going to be pretty crushed
But Dwight is PLAYING injured all the time.
Mussell Bestbrook
Yeah but how many of Dwight's games did he play very limited minutes?
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The REAL Secret to an Unstoppable Fadeaway 7 NBA Players Who WILL Be On A NEW TEAM Before 2 days ago   06:45

The REAL Secrets to Mastering the Crossover | How To Break Ankles Easy

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In today's video, I give you The REAL Secret to an Unstoppable Fadeaway Jumper! A fadeaway is a shot that if mastered is almost impossible to stop! These simple basketball fadeaway moves are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these fadeaway jumper tips into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting scoring and your overall basketball skill level!
My first key to mastering the fadeaway is what I call "Creating Contact" contact is something that goes overlooked when it comes to doing an effective fadeaway but it is extremely important if you want to be an elite scorer on the block! If you look at the elite guys in the NBA who have mastered the fadeaway think of guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant both guys do a fantastic job of keeping the defense guessing using their bodies to create the contact before going into their fadeaway jump shot. This contact typically lets them get an easy look at the basket because it miss times the defenders contest. Another great thing about creating contact is it helps you create massive separation on all of your moves because you are using the defense's momentum against them!. So if you want to really skyrocket your scoring you absolutely need to implement creating contact into your game! Make sure you implement lots of contact when working on your fadeaway jumper if you really want to make more fadeaways!
The second tip to mastering the fadeaway is something that a lot of the top NBA guys do and that is what I call "splitting the leg" This tip alone can help you to limit the chances of the defender getting a good contest on your fadeaway because with the contact we talked about and splitting the legs it will be extremely hard for the defender to jump up and contest the shot without fouling you. If you slow down a lot of the top guys in the NBA when it comes to shooting fadeaways they all do a great job of splitting the leg before they go into their fadeaway. This is a great thing for guards to do to move the defender out of position just slightly so you can create enough space to get a shot off.
Our third tip to mastering the fadeaway is getting your chin on your shoulder! If you have watched our channel before you know here at Shotmechanics we are extremely big on targeting before shooting. Basketball is a hand eye coordination sport so the longer you have to look at the target before shooting the more likely you are to hit the shot in the game. Getting your chin to your shoulder will help you target the rim as early as possible thus giving you a greater likelihood of making the fadeaway. This secret key is huge to making more shots in general so make sure you are always getting your eyes up on target early to hit more shots!
My last tip to mastering the fadeaway is the "leg drift" The leg drift is super important if you are shooting a fadeaway going into your dominant hand! The leg drift helps to release any shoulder tension when shooting, and it also helps with getting your hips on the rim thus helping you shoot the ball much straighter!

As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball shooting tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these the real secret to an unstoppable fadeaway jumper into your game today!

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