COPS MESSING WITH THE WRONG Cop Pulls over Judge, Judge 2 days ago   21:42

Stig's Persian Cousin
Here's every pull over I've had with the Police in my Lamborghini Race Car!


Stig's Persian Cousin // SPC

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Stig's Persian Cousin
Please stop commenting about me not having plates! The car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! I’m not sure why the second officer in this video considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.
Honestly you cause yourself more issues by bringing the car in yeah we get that it is your favourite car but man just rent a car it comes off as you really wanted attention over it.
chris vbnm
that second cop should not be able to work for the police, he is completely stupid and a massive risk to the public, the type of cop to completely abuse his power and quickly draw his firearm in a minor situation
This prick loves all the attention he gets from the cops, he is nothing better serial pest
Second cop is the epitomy of how most cops in America tend to act. They think they know everything, and when challanged, immediately try to talk over u and revert blame back on u saying u are wrong. Problem is, they usually don't have an IQ bigger than their shoe size.
Awais Gamez
What an idiot police officer
Grey Wolf
I think this guy gets off on getting pulled over.
Yakeema Taleem
there has to be a better way for u not to get stopped.
That second... You know the rest 😂. But that last "bonus" cop, that'd be me...
Steve Ellis
You should let a sovereign citizen drive it and see what happens (or take one with you and let them do the explaining). This should prove to be an even better video! Sovereign citizens enjoy confrontation (let the pay for any legal fees themselves though when the sparks start to fly!)
Shiny Diamond
"Don't fire up the damn thing"

Steve Ellis
2nd cop couldn't understand that tourists CAN drive their own cars provided they are covered by the authorities. He needs a little training also in patience and how to stay cool (the first cop could show him how to do it !).
Steve Ellis
The first cop was OK.
Niko 14
I hope he gets stopped every 10 mins! Another pompous arrogant rich asshole who needs to show how rich he is!
He airfreights his car for his holiday! PRICK!!!
Chris Sinclair
im not sure I could deal with the agro
Oregon cop shows ignorance. He's an untutored lump and a disgrace to his force.
patrick mcbrien
Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe, what do you do? you ship it there, drive it for a month, and ship it back. "That's not what I do." This poor cop didn't know what to do. His head nearly exploded.
Kevin Grey
The second cop was a typical low life know nothing fucking moron, he had no clue what he was talking about, was embarraessed about not having a clue then tried to bail with his tail between his legs while being a last word freak. why do police unions hire such dysfunctional, degenerare spineless retards? what a fucking moron!!!!! total attitude the entire time, and when he asked questions he did it like he was interveiwing a murderer. this is why cops do not investigate crimes, they send detectives in for that because most cops are clueless fucking idiots who would jeapordize 100% of the actual cases against actual criminals.
It does not take much to be a cop, just a retard who likes to think they are cool, in power, and always right when they do not know the law at all.
In fact police unions lobbyied congress to pass a law that says if a cop violates your rights as long as said cop didnt know the law you have no recourse legally. because they know cops like this are just off the wall ignorant and want nothing more than to feel powerful while escalating situation instead of cops in europe who deescalate things . time to start getting real with these police unions who love dium witted retards who crave power and will treat citizens like shit when the citizens know 4000 times more about the law than 98% of cops do. and not just about the law about life in general.
Jay Tab
USA cops are ignorant
Daniel Hopkinson
that second officer ruff
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Cop Pulls over Judge, Judge COPS MESSING WITH THE WRONG 2 days ago   02:18

A Lancaster County PA, Judge Dennis E. Reinaker is pulled over for tailgating and honking at an East Lampter Township officer in an unmarked police car. Dash Cam footage shows the judge using his position of power to get away with out any citation or warning.

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