Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets Fidget Spinner vs. 850psi (didn't 2 days ago   24:51

Cleetus McFarland
Let's see if we can do this ourselves for once!
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Gregory Carter
That’s a lot of Bardle Skeet back there.Could probably drink that in a few days.
imma start a gofundme for james to buy at least 1 new shirt
t dang
Awesome vid thx for posting! Give us amateurs hope we can DYI!
Rui Kazane

WTF hahahahahahaahahahawheheheehe!
I love you James god bless your heart,you are a freaking genius my friend..and cleetus your no Punk. I absolutely love you guys with all of my heart an soul. You are such great people and put out such awesome content. Please stay the same.
I'm sorry..and might be a weirdo but I was listening closely to what Cletus was saying while reaching down into his box of goodies when all of a sudden..lmao, he makes a hilarious noise at 11:14 point in the video. Randomness,but it made me laugh.
8 foot is 750.00
Cameron Steiger
Did i spot a adams polishes car shampoo bottle?
Tranny’s are confusing
The Sound of Speed
Why would you want to remove the straight cut gears? Seems like breakage waiting to happen.
Dil Lee
My dad would have approved, he was old school,, he made tons of special tools. These days mechanics are taught to replace parts not fix.
Why not just heat the inner race with a torch and tap it off?
Jimmy Kruse
Aw shucks, blown parts? More than likely paid for by the fans you don't want stopping by your shop, as you've instructed. Fans keep watching, thumbs upping, commenting and holy shit buy our merch! But don't come by here, only our sponsored money making events!
Dee Tm
My instructor made us tear apart & rebuild saginaw transmissions until we could do it in under 5 minutes properly.
Me: That was easy. My brain: What did I fuck up?
White Trash Bandit270
2nd gear has been out in my ranger for years..lol
Joel Marr
What's the reason for ONE gear to be straight cut?
Brandon Smith
Short video but very informational!
david hruska
John G
Cletus loves a good tranny shaft.
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Fidget Spinner vs. 850psi (didn't Leroy's BLOWN UP Trans Gets 2 days ago   06:50

We sprayed a fidget spinner with NITROUS and it went BOOM!
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