We Found the Minecraft KING ILLAGER! RAREST MINECRAFT SURVIVAL MOB!!! 2 days ago   15:03

what will you see?!
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BananaMK2 Minecraft ROBLOX and more
Hold the totem of undying if u wanna not die
Faded Sun
yeah the illager
Ham Head
dantdm :farted
me: wut
Regan Wasson
Thanos is just a purple pillager. This comment is stupid. Lol
moonblade dreemur
Dan: what food are we gonna choose today
Dan: melons
Me:*Joergen flashbacks*
Luke Renken
2:26 when you see the old sonic movie design
Idrees Musab
Am I the only one who thinks the enchanter is humping the pot
Ashlee Toomey
Evey one wate is your favat youtuba plzz vote
Angel Wong
SuperFnafLogan !
Anyone else want this to be added to bedrock edition to try this for yourselves???????
Kris the Delta Warrior
Dan and Dr Trayaurus: *falls
Dr Trayaurus: *_hmmm_*
Doesn’t that make the archers the most powerful mob it kills your game immediately
Cooldude 72
Is this a mod?
Super Jesua Bro
Can’t even get the yet vid name right man
Bradley Walker
I just found out that you can dye leather armour! :D
Marauder Gaming
So happy to see u going back to Minecraft
Josh Plant-Chaney
Dan just literally either forgot or ignored the combat mechanics :/
kinto kinto
Ahhh coming back to minecraft after so much lmao
Killerguy34 BFB expert,
11:30 that’s an illusioner. There in the game files
Splatfest X
2:27 The lemon man from a very old episode remake LOL
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RAREST MINECRAFT SURVIVAL MOB!!! We Found the Minecraft KING ILLAGER! 2 days ago   06:34

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Today, I set out to discover some new things about Minecraft thanks to Reddit. Turns out we find out about a brand new scary mob!!

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