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After years of solid growth, Turkey's economy is weakening, with the property sector being one of the victims. In the province of Bolu, villas built for rich customers from the Gulf region stay empty and don't sell.

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Copy thousands of Medieval French-style medieval castles in Turkey ??
I also learned that the Chinese have built a new city by copying Paris-style buildings ??
All this is ridiculous and I will never want to go because everything is wrong ....
Mohamed Sulaiman
Hate to admit but it's better than aden houses
I wonder if maybe marketing them as like, hotel type villas or to movie studios for filming would work?🤔
Berndt Felmerer
Really terrible. Greed eats Brains........ Mesukiel Mahakala BALLAH Bala.......
Cusco 4X
Castels whithout proper roads..? In a civilized country you first do the roads...and then the houses.
Addie Brice
Shame to be so old and closed-minded. The world belongs to no one yet we draw lines everywhere the rat brain mentality. SMH. Technology advances in a alarming rate but man seem to devolve much more rapidly. 🙁
Unser buakhtar
Well the blunder is done this place can be turned into a tourist attraction if everyone of the castle is colorfully painted can be turned into a fairy tail land and instead of residential a hotal and market place imagination is the key to this scenario.
Leo love Gemini
Rapunzel will have so many homes.. 🤗
Zainab Noor Bakhsh
They can paint the roof tops in different colours...
Ayesha Saddiqua
This copy paste style works in the gulf and it looks alright, but they have an incredibly neutral design... this is too jarring to repeat that much man...
it's me when i play AOE.
Bad design. They should make something like a themepark or a tourist spot on the other half of the land and just convert the houses into a hotel to make it profitable.
Who would like it?
Miguel Jr. Orias
that kind of design are so cheesy, it's yr 2019 living on that kind of house are like living back in medieval era lol.
Can I just uproot one or two for myself??
stephan diehl
ahhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahavga
Tasheena Johnson
Ummmmmmm they all look the exact same; I mean I’m pretty sure that’s one of the big reason why there not remotely selling 🤦🏾‍♀️ plus only a majority of folks cant actually afford a home like this in turkey also; just terrible, reminds me of the city/ town replicas that’s happening in China.
axelia kairos
Sell it to the local. And destroy a few house on their side.
Castle need land
Violeta Tiamson
You all should just turn it into airbnb or some sort of rent space etc.
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Turkey luxury homes turn 1 day ago   11:04

15 Things You Didn't Know About Turkey
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