Turkey luxury homes turn Why are there dozens of 'ghost cities' 2 days ago   02:25

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After years of solid growth, Turkey's economy is weakening, with the property sector being one of the victims. In the province of Bolu, villas built for rich customers from the Gulf region stay empty and don't sell.

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Will Edwards
It's too cookie cutter. The appeal of medieval style is assymmetry, not what they did
Ugh, what a waste of money. Why would anyone live in a house with such high upkeep that looks the same for everyone else? There is no variety, they look like prison blocks and they didn't leave some space for a park or a little shopping block. They need to demolish all of this and start over.
Also, the pronunciation of "woes" is "woos," not "whoas."
Marcey678 Street
I have no idea why I’ve had dreams of a place like this 😳
Khaleesi Romaerys
Lol who would love to live in a Disney themed houses. So stupid even if I'm a millionaire I won't buy any of those.
They don’t want ANY foreigners so why are these hypocrites pouring into western countries, oh yeah all the free stuff and they don’t even have to work Just come to Canada and crime minister turdhole will give you ANYTHING as long as you’re a muslim.
The refugees can have them.
Rmn Snk
Omg, what a tasteless architecture)))
Giant Asparagus
100 Mill... all that for 100 Mill... Lol looks high quality
George Rady
If You Build it... they may not come...

That’s what politicians and government doesn’t understand but Donal Trump does. He made a fortune being RIGHT!
Roice 8888
Why not just build one large kingdom with a big castle like from the old times lol
Chey Che
... i mean the design is as flaw as it can be. $500k house and you don't even get a yard (small patch of grass is a yard i guess). it's basically a townhouse being advertised as a mansion. this is a huge joke.
joanne cabada
Many people are starving...😞
But they only waste money for nothing...
Think before you proceed.
Just saying...✌
What the actual heck.
How one thought they could sell _that_ to anybody?
Akeem Cummings
Y'all should just give them to the descendent of slaves
Bas Q.
What a bunch of morons, who thought that would be a good idea...
Make it into bootleg Disneyland
When capitalism is too obvious and prey... I mean, "customers" notice it lol
It might have been a really interesting concept if there were waaaay less of them and if there was beautiful landscaping for each house to make them each their own unique castle but still a cohesive look
Kar Lead
That's extremely weird

Nuke those things lol
Miss Tonya c007
Oh my God as far as the eye can see! This ain't real y'all this is not real! 😆😂😂🤣🤣
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Why are there dozens of 'ghost cities' Turkey luxury homes turn 2 days ago   03:44

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