Kawhi Leonard Sends Philadelphia Kawhi Leonard - Lifestyle | Net worth 1 day ago   02:14

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Kawhi Leonard dropped 41 points in Game 7 and hit a buzzer-beating game winner to lead the Toronto Raptors past the Philadelphia 76ers to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Zarbian Obermayer
oh my god i wish lenord is playing like that this series
Nashaun Jones
Kawhi isn't human
Nicky Smith
Look when he catches the ball and takes at least 5 steps without dribbling
drose9 allday
1:54 i like the way he touch kawhi ..like shes touchin the D... bruh .. hahahhha
he traveled
Joseph DeNardo
Why is the guy in the blue jersey so standing on the court?
Dallas Kincherlow
Where's the travel 😐🤔
and now all of a sudden every canadian is a basketball fan... hypocrites
megaman mooshrom
0:46 - travelling? He does like 14 steps, am i dreaming?
Fox More
Whowa! The way the ball reacted looked TOTALLY FAKE to me. If this had not happened in front of a live audience, I would swear it was Hollywood Computer Graphics.
romme diaz
I think he travels too
Book of shadows contributor Brian
biggest win in franchise history
Tash Mirza
are we all going to pretend that he didn't take 1 million steps before dribbling?.......
Charles Matthew V.
0:23 and 1:35 saaame shots
Johnny Anonymous
Word around town is that Trump said there was CONSPIRACY that a magnet under the rim made the ball go through :-/
Reymark Reyes
durog nasa Milwaukee bucks yan raptors
This is gonna be on game of zones
got goosebumps from this
Armory Kittington
Awww, gee wizz, Rick. He uhhh, he really threw that ball through the hoop last second.
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Kawhi Leonard - Lifestyle | Net worth Kawhi Leonard Sends Philadelphia 1 day ago   10:18

NBA forward who was named NBA Finals MVP after leading the San Antonio Spurs to an NBA Championship in 2014. Kawhi Leonard

was selected to his first NBA All-Star Game in 2016. He was also an NBA All-Rookie First Team selection in 2012 and the

NBA's Defensive Player of the Year in 2015 and 2016.

Kawhi Leonard was named Mr. Basketball in California during his senior year at Riverside's Martin Luther King High School.

Kawhi Leonard was a two-time All-Mountain West First Team selection at San Diego State before being drafted 15th overall by

the Indiana Pacers in 2011.

Family Life
Kawhi Leonard was raised with four older sisters. Kawhi Leonard and his girlfriend Kishele Shipley announced they were

expecting their first child in 2016, but he has since kept the child's presence out of the media.

Did you know
Kawhi Leonard was teammates with Tim Duncan on the Spurs from 2011 to 2016.

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