More Progress On The Twin Turbo 2019 Diesel Power Challenge 1 day ago   20:05

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Comments 1036 Comments

Chris Atkinson
We use to make bombs using the MRE heater and some water in a bottle lol good times to pass some time in Iraq.
Jacob James
That MR2 is looking great!
Jesse Sanchez
Today on boosted boiz,

Dry Ice bombs
Emilio is a step closer to getting ye ole supra going but flexes to Vegas APA Tournament

A fucking sheep 🐑 pisses in the bay!

Carlos Rivera
Ive been looking into this part of my build for a minute. I am gonna get a few cans of Gum Freezing spray for custodial work, though I have gotten large bits of the sound deadening out with the sledge I found in the car when I bought it and a small chisel

Science Rulez!!
dropping Hertz
Yo Kyle I got the sickest name : "MR.K2" I think its sounds awesome 4 onething but since it's Colorado keeping in spirit & all plus it just makes sense....✌🐏💨
Ivo Heroin
6:11 what engine is that?
Legend has it the Mr2 will be done 2025
Alex Wilcox
still amazed with your steady hand when you're welding.. i could not be a surgeon
Today in Kyle's science class we learned how to make money scream and how to blow stuff up!! Best Channel Ever!
Jon Carter
that engine would look so much better with a white valve cover imo, whole build is amazing tho
king of snap oversteer, no one does it better
Aaron Green
U think the bottles r loud I know there’s oxygen and acetylene somewhere in that shop fill up a balloon with 75% oxygen 25% acetylene and tie a newspaper or something to light make sure it’s long enough light it and run
danny williams
Kyle is the motor solid mounted? If not put in a pair of flex pipes so it dont break the pipes or the turbos!
I was up in Vegas for pool watching my dad
Unrelated but shakes up pop is like opening a NOS bottle
That rear engine car has rear wheel drive? I think that would be better for drag racing but I dont know but for steering anyway. I find it hard to control my Eos with front wheel drive when I put it to the wood. That MR2 car is bad ass looking.
Some farmer or rancher is missing one of his sheep. Sheep are people critters. They like to follow a shepherd like in the Bible. You should figure out if a farmer around there close has lost one of his sheep. I bet so. Even if not if he has sheep he will be glad to add it to his flock. It wants to hang with you guys LOL Its probably Hungry and knows people feed them.
Emery Gamache
The beginning with dry ice reminds me of Grant Thompson. R.I.P
Will you guys be going to Hday in September?
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2019 Diesel Power Challenge More Progress On The Twin Turbo 1 day ago   23:24

Day 4 of Diesel Power Challenge 2019 Presented by XDP finished off with the Trailer-Tow Cone Course, made all the more diabolical this year with the addition of a tapering reverse chute, several high-speed straightaways, and the 90-degree reverse trailer box. Check out the recap here!

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