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15' Relax With Gags
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محمد اصد
Great video
Sahib Zada
indian sex
Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh 💋💋
Congratulation. You did a great job. Like it a lot.
tech talk
I'm small let's grow together?

Just like and say"done"
sub to sub
gachagirl1117 1117
It's fake it says 15 relax with gags
Zulfequar Ali
Remove the misleading thumbnail.
Iconoclastes89 Iconoclastes
Guys, grow up! Where is the prank shown on the thumbnail, seemingly nude people covered in sand? This click-bait tricks u are using isn't cool at all. JFL is funny, it doesn't need to stoop that low to get views.
9:37 what's mean? Does she blame the girl?
Who came here to see the one on profile but got disappointed like me
MN WorldBD
hahhahahahaha.....excellent pranks viewww..👌👌👌
seyieveto lohe
Yes WHY the clip bait??? we love the show anyway.
كور و عطي لعور
click bait 👎
Id world 21
Shahul Tarly
This gags adicts hit like👍
Rhiza Oyos
dríft gamer
Who else cried for the first one even though its a prank
Tyrie Lagrant
If y'all if y'all are not going to like it then don't watch it if y'all don't like it
Dr. Rawy
STOP COMPLAINING AND DISLIKING! REPORT THE VIDEO INSTEAD! Press the 3 dots on the right > Report > Spam or misleading > Misleading thumbnail.
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Police Loses Pen Behind Ear ► Best Just For Laughs Gags 1 day ago   01:40

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The cop stops random people and wants to give them a ticket, but he can't find a pen. After all, it's all the way behind his ear!

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