Attorney General William Barr President Trump Has Lost The Mooch! 1 day ago   03:23

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, August 12.
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Attorney General William Barr Announces Special Inquiry into Death of Jeffrey Epstein- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 889 Comments

Gnostic atheist
Oh haha mock the mentally ill, bigot
Nomi Malone
Beers is the preferred term.
Ivone de Figueiredo
Great beer joke, obviously under rated by most of the audience. 😁😁
Tre Bucketz
First, lets see the body. Wouldn't be unlike these people to fake a death to get him and themselves out of trouble.

And if he is indeed dead, we know Barr's investigation, will be to find out what people knew about the whole ordeal (including the potential murder), to determine if He snd others are in the "Clear".
ETC Flyers
yes Barr is in charge of the cover up
Maritza Piccarillo
Barr is also a pedophile.
Phil Rounds
It's a well known fact that almost all prison guards work enormous overtime. I've known guards and it's a popular subject among them to brag about how much OT they got last week. It's literally a culture of overwork.
Lucid Insomniac
"Sorry that came out gay"
FounderOf ISIS
Why did Obama let Epstien run loose for a decade?
Daryl Griffin
Yeah? Well judging by his performance President Trump has done a better job then any Democratic President, including "Osama bin Obama".
dans h
Dumb oranges butler william barr would do anything for trump again ! Another cover up!!
Brian Warshow
He only trusts mega fast food corporations. He does not trust The American people and private businesses. He only trusts his own delusions. He has no concept of country other than new found total power grab and for his own purposes alone. He's not human. Nothing but a very powerful vampire.
John Smith
The funniest part of this to me was how that guy solo laughed way too hard at the beers joke.
Tlot Pwist
Time to search Barr. He must have a slice of rope at home for emergency cases, like someone about to cast dirt on Drumpf
Suzanne Reilman
...merely as a human, being completely non-partisan, I am massively offended that soooooo many people think that this...creature’s.....demise is an affront to humankind in general...were it some garden-variety/broke-azz schlub of a sick child-raping pervert, would we have(of ALL people!)a sitting US Attorney General demanding ANYthing in defense of such a thing..??
Gregory Gonsowski
Nothing will be found. The people that did this made sure to have Barr start an investigation to make the peasant calm down.
The Duuderino
Trump sure likes to use Clintons as smokescreen for his own misdoings. Next thing he’s gonna ask for their birth certificates to prove they’re not from Africa. 🙄
Just like when they had Cennedy John Fitz killed... remember what the head of SEE AYE A said?
Peter Brydon
A special inquiry because he doesn't want his daddy to be fingered by Epstein and wants to rig the investigation himself. Someone murdered him, that bone break is too fishy.
Just theatre.
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President Trump Has Lost The Mooch! Attorney General William Barr 1 day ago   04:39

James Corden looks at recent headlines, including Anthony Scaramucci, President Donald Trump's communications director of 6 days, turning against his former boss and speaking out against him, and Democrats stopping by the Iowa State Fair, where Senator Bernie Sanders tucked into a corndog.

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