Renewable Energy, Batteries and the Future This is AMAZING! China Plans 12 months ago   36:47

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With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future. Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible.

Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems.
Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the battery, helping to create the ahead-of-it’s-time Fisker Karma eco-luxury automobile with its solar paneled roof and groundbreaking hybrid engine.

Since then he’s worked at two leading renewable-energy companies: Aquion and AGL, building a sustainable energy future.

We explore a full range of renewable energy opportunities and challenges. And we look at potential breakthroughs on the horizon.

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Harold Hill
Thank you August Bradley and Duwayno Robertson for an outstanding show. I have been interested in renewable energy for many years. One of my goals has been to have a studio that is a self-sufficient retreat in a remote location where myself and other creative people can go and work on creative projects.
Jaakko Bergman
yeah yeah, yes yes. yeah, yeah, yes yes yes. :D
Big Will
*Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge,[Awesome Plan Here >>>**** ]  this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.*
JD Academy
All batteries are clean sources of energy
Larvent Zakaryan
i called these guys +18553395376 and they helped with solar panels… then i sold them locally… im thinking to start my own business in solar energy field.
mike newman
Hey, i stumbled upon this video and tbh, idk if it's legit.
They call it the world FIRST self-recharging battery. lol
Lakario Davis
put solar farms in space and just beam the power down to collection stations placed around the world. that's engenius! I never thought of something like that!
Bob Jackson
The largest battery in the world is in South Australia it can theoretically supply a tiny 100MW of power for 75 minutes (when new the total capacity is 129 MWH). In the event of cyclonic weather South Australia can be without significant sunlight and usable wind for up to 10 days. The state uses 34,087 MWH/day so the worlds largest battery (assuming it's full capacity was available, which it isn't) would be theoretically able to support the state for 5.45 minutes before being completely discharged. For a 10 days weather event for normal supply to the customers the state would require 340,870 MWH, bearing in mind the states target of 75% renewables for that period it would have mechanical generating capacity of 85,217 MWH so the shortfall would be 255,652 MWH. That would suggest a requirement for 1981 Tesla batteries. That is why the idea of using Tesla batteries for a back up power solution is so ridiculous.
Carmelina Rosinski
I did it quickly and efficiently with instructions from Avasva website.
For now grid connected solar makes sense in most places. I'm sort of an expert :) in stationary energy storage and LiFePO4 for now is the most cost effective solution with a realistic cost amortization of around 20 cent/kWh.
Since this winter my house is a NetZero house meaning all energy is from solar PV including heating. Of course for heating to be cost effective (and is competitive even with cheap natural gas) the storage is done in thermal mass for the heating part way less than 1 cent/kWh in therms of amortization and PV can produce energy at just 2 to 3 cent/kWh.
Wonderful and thought provoking discussion. May we please point you to eTechNxt . It has 4 themes on the Future of Electricity - Digital Transformation, Energy Storage, E-Transportation and IOT,AI in Electricity.
Jorge Constâncio
personal energy independence will only be possible when politics can make good money out of it, until then, we have to keep them happy with this old high tax system
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This is AMAZING! China Plans Renewable Energy, Batteries and the Future 12 months ago   12:18

China's solar energy sector ambitions.
China Plans To Invest $361 Billion Into Renewable Energy By 2020.
China Investment Plan for Clean Energy by 2020.
China steps up efforts to transition to clean energy
U.S., China should tap into infrastructure investment, green economy- U.S. business veteran.

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