Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap Saving 5 Mice in 10 minute | Stupid 1 day ago   07:32

Mouse Reject
Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap Homemade Work With Battery 12V Easy saving a Mice/Mouse Reject
How to make a Mouse Trap homemade?

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Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez
I feel bad to very very bad
It's a smart solution when your cat has a day off
Yazzy Valencia
Tailless rat 😶
Dont Quit
moral lesson curiosity kills....
Cristiano Ronaldo
4:03 wtf
Sergio Vargas Avila
Muy chingon
leyla malla
No me gusto el video eres un ##### pobre rata
Amy Self
This is in human
Goga Lact
Se fijaron ? Algunas no tienen colita ! Son Raticonejos ?
Rasmus Below Andersen
*Rémy has left the chat*
Reed Munson
no mice were harmed in the production of this video, right?
Marco Polo
Prefiero q el gato haga su trabajo.
Os cara usa tecnologia da NASA para matar rato 😂
john Dingo-Fox
holy crap thats a smokey mouse
Tech tamik
Santy Romero
Hijo de perra insensible ojala asi le pase gran hp
Eduardo Passos
Mano você vai pagar por isso que vc ta fazendo c9m os animais seu palhaço otário pega sua rola é bota aí pra pegar chique
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Saving 5 Mice in 10 minute | Stupid Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap 1 day ago   12:53

Saving 5 Mice in 10 minute | Stupid Mouse Trap / Easy make a Best Mouse Trap handmade
A way to trap a simple mouse without scaring or hurting them,After catching the mouse we take away our whereabouts so that the mice are free
As you recognize, rats board teams and like to measure next to individuals to search out food and a secure home, particularly in extremely inhabited areas. Rats will eat your food, cause severe injury, and transmit diseases. Let’s speak however you'll build a rat lure.
A lot of individuals ar suspicious of whether or not home rat traps can very work or not. Anyway, the truth of the case is that if you create them properly. conjointly place them within the right areas of your home wherever there's high population of rodents. it's generally unclear why originally designed gnawing animal traps might not work to rid of you of rats whereas do-it-yourself ones can work with success, however it happens.

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