Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream He Trapped a Huge Creek Monster 1 day ago   10:42

Rocky Kanaka
Wait until you see how happy they are when they get their ice cream! In Buying 100 homeless dogs ice cream on the hottest day I take doggy ice cream to the animal shelter so that we can show rescue puppies some love. In my last video Baking 100 Dog Cakes For Homeless Dogs! we went to Boxer Rescue LA and gave cakes to senior dogs, puppies and more. If you have ever watched my videos where I surprise animal shelters with a $10,000 challenge or spend 24 hours taking a dog on a Dog's Day Out then you know one of my favorite things to do is to help dogs.

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Turning my Lamborghini into an ICE CREAM TRUCK!! **insane**
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If you love channels like The Dodo or Hope for paws then you will love this family friendly pg content that is good for all ages even kids. Watch videos that feature rescue dogs like pitties boxer husky and more.

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Rocky Kanaka
Should I take more ice cream to homeless dogs on 100 degree days?
Alexandra Salas-Suzarte
I say hopy
Savannah Henry
Sooooo cuttttteee I cried
Gabby Hernandez
For some reason i want to name it bear cause of it ears
Rolo should be his name and fighter
Kayleigh Crandall
i think bella is a nice one like if you agree
Lacosta Frasier
Sophia Leshinsky
I think you should name churro because of the color
Nicholas Ellison
i almosed kryed i hope the chowwa / names : sara , luky , ginger like this coment if u like luky best i do well she is lucky after all
Julie Schlosberg
Suggestion for a name is Ola its Hawaiian for survivor
Meyia Munoz
what about cats... and all the other animals.... they deserve some too...
Sireen The Queen
Girl name jess or bobo or Nikkei or nala or rose or ave piz pick one of mean like if you agree plz some own 👇👇👍
Amanda Cox
Lucky should be it’s name
Tania Romo
Vic Hunt
I am a Potato
You should name the dog Chewey
Sarahgrace Miller
Lucky Lucy
Mackenzie Malboeuf
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He Trapped a Huge Creek Monster Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream 1 day ago   14:49

Houston has been begging for us to build some backyard fish ponds and today we caught the perfect creek monster for him to start his first fish pond with.

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