Michael Rapaport was SHOCKED the Giants M.Rapaport REACTS Barkley on KD & Kyrie: 2 days ago   12:56

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Giants trade Odell to Browns for Jabrill Peppers, 1st and 3rd-round picks
Will the Giants regret up on Odell Beckham Jr.?
Shocked the Giants decided to move on from Odell Beckham Jr.?
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donald deluxe
"….and he did this when he dropped the ball. which I never understand you did. why are you looking at your hands? they aren't something you bought from the store." uhh, he was looking at his gloves you idiot.
Thrash McNash
You know who is excited for the season?


216 for life. Cleveland forever. Been a fan through the bad, the terrible and the full blown dumpster fire. Now its our time. Lets GO!!!!!! #DAWGPOUND
Eric Cleveland
There is great sushi in Cleveland... We just not telling you where it is Rapport
marcos laureano
Odell is gonna be a problem wherever he goes. Dude is a cancer
VG Courage
I'm a chiefs fan but I'm excited for this season from all of these trades And Cleveland especially, but someone needs to change them uniforms
Paul Wilson Jr.
This will help relieve some of that depression. A gift from the future where Gettleman takes the top spot. https://ufl.ae/videow/VJzQYFkgcQi&vuqjkhu=oekjk.ru
Mike Camerino
I'm from NY and this guy doesnt Represent me and most Giant fans..We are fine with trading Odell..
J Carlos O
Trevor lawrence.. Trevor lawrence.. clemson quarterback will be eligable after the giants tank this coming season thats the only reason i would see the giants loosing everithing on purpose
Cory Butdette
Listening to white people talking about black people is weird asf
Kevin Thompson
how is Michael Rapaport relevant everyone hates this annoying fucker. it makes no sense
Waalter isso
I am actually glad we traded odell. Dude was once in the playoffs and dropped everything. He isnt a clutch player.
Jacob Kerchner
He’s not a difference maker lmao skip Bayless is such a moron let’s see the difference he makes for this browns offense
il ross
Michael Rapaport is a bitch.
George Haralambous
This fucking moron just loves bashing Cleveland
What the fuck is that thing? A cat? Looks like grandma that fucking thing
Since when did Rapaport start talking like Bill Burr?
JMP Podcast
Why is so much air time being given to a team that has gone 8-24 the last two years?
Darrell Ludlow
Fuck Rappaport. He is a hate filled loud mouth.
Fox Mulder
Michael Rapaport.....New York isn't as great as you think it is to those who don't live there..why are so many people moving away in record numbers?....give it a rest.
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M.Rapaport REACTS Barkley on KD & Kyrie: Michael Rapaport was SHOCKED the Giants 2 days ago   12:19

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