HOW?! Average Players EMBARRASSING 7 NBA Players Who WILL Be On A NEW TEAM Before 2 days ago   11:57

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The TOP Times the NBA Summer League saw Stars get EMBARRASSED by Average Players
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Mr. Padilla
Been waiting for a free agency video 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Hey now don’t disrespect the man Tyus Goat Jones
Pal Harrington
Not Dougie McBuckets
Gavin Pavesic
I’ll give you each $100 dollars if you beat us once
Alex Rangel
Yo y r u so annoying and y do u have to yell so much
kalikid gamer
where is your brother cause I just found his channel and says he has not posted in 2 years :(
Ibrahima Barry
make a video on the westbrook trade
bre lowe
lonzo update please
Andrea Spencer
I just have one problem he’s fucking retarded he’s like Lonzo ball with be the next Stephen curry with a 40 inch vertical and said trae young would be a bust like he’s always wrong about his dumbass prediction like go talk to a smart person like me the pistons will go to the playoffs next season and will make the finals and win against the lakers and this is also a wild theory but watch and I haven’t even seen how well the lakers big 3 will player neither have I seen kawhi leanord and Paul George play but kawhi and Paul will dominate the lakers no doubt
Idk Gaming
I just thought your next what if what if Dwight Howard never left the Orlando Magic
Zach Price
Denzel is my man #MSU
who the Fuck is this
Can you do a what If LeBrons Block in 2016 Finals in game 7 never happened? Including things like how we view LeBron
Lonzo video plz
(please read this) guys please subscribe to my channel help me grow it i appreciate your cooperation thanks guys. i wamt to be like troydan help me achieve it
w c
Whys this guy always so dramatic. Chill out, the sky is not falling.
Mike how did you do the What if series
Sam Newburn
Who’s here after the Grizzlies and Wolves are in the Summer League Finals?
Tyus Jones the type of dude to catch his own lob at 10 seconds on the clock
Owen Macdougall
Do what if Kobe got drafted 1st and iverson went to LA
Michael Ibrahim
Make a video on top 10 most intense games
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7 NBA Players Who WILL Be On A NEW TEAM Before HOW?! Average Players EMBARRASSING 2 days ago   15:08

Here are 8 NBA players who have the potential to be on a NEW TEAM before the start of the 2019 NBA season.

Russell Westbrook video:


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