Making an offer on an NSX! Please DO NOT drink and drive... 2 days ago   15:28

The Lost Royalty fam and I hang out at WekFest Japan and I found the perfect NSX for Kevin Jude! I've been reading your comments and the NSX is next! Hope you guys enjoy today's video, I put a lot of effort into this one :) Thanks for being patient on uploads, I've been traveling a little bit too much with little time to edit. BUT IM BACK BABY!!!


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Joao Gabriel Bessas Pedrosa
brasil men ez
Jonathan Humlan
shit nice car
Isaac Chilikoh
u should drift👊👊👊👊👊👊
Nintendo Maniac
Shot out from NY
Captain Snack
For Kevin to check out
Xander ASMR
3.54 randy please get that wing on your gtr
Carter Thao828
Get a ep-3
bruh he made his engine cap a guarana logo
Tina Deptula
I wanna fuck your car
gio ochoa
I seen a black nsx with illiminate on the windshield in blossom i never seen that one before
Danny Keo
Hey guys, I started making videos and it would mean a ton if you guys can check it out and show support ! Trying to make it big in the car industry like the illiminate boys! Our crew is Blacklisted Crew! Show some support on my channel✊🏽❤️
I hate living in the uk it’s so expensive to keep a car hopefully in a few years I’m going to move
Burkin 7 is a lotus 7 replica kit car
5:10 what is that name of that song ?
George Kumpis
Your shaky camera makes me dizzy. show more cars not your face. Viewers know who is behind the camera. Its WekFest not Weekfest. at least try a little.
Brian Nelson
Click bate bitch
Zias' Cup
What are those headlights?!? 😍 8:38
Maicol Farfan
Were can I buy the pikachu sticker
Tyler Ramsay
Kuruma imports look them up they’re selling an nsx
Sergio Escude
STOP click bating for once !
your content is thrash and boring ever since Christian left....its true money does change people.
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Please DO NOT drink and drive... Making an offer on an NSX! 2 days ago   07:47

Yet another drunk driver strikes again. This happens so often and we just want to spread awareness about drinking and driving. Please drink safely and Uber home if you drink. Someone could have really got hurt today and I'm glad that they're both okay. Remember, someone cares about you.

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