5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED 7 Great OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions 10 months ago   14:00

Get these Gadgets & Inventions on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-5f55cce3

● Get These Inventions & Gadgets on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-5f55cce3
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Spherical Solar http://www.rawlemon.com/
Vortex http://www.vortexbladeless.com/
Pocket Sun https://goo.gl/dfCyn2
Trinity Portable Wind Turbine http://www.janulus.com/
Nebia Shower https://nebia.com/
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Lloyd Stovall
For anyone interested here's a Blog with new green Energy Technologies I hadn't seen before
Shanta Hsieh
Go to Avasva webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think
Zach Van Harris JR
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Mohamed Asik
it's very very nice
Mohamed Asik
how to buy this....?
plz any contact.... numbers.... send... me... my email id : [email protected] com
Franco Mendez
this are interesting gadgets.. its more like we need this in our daily life..
delio rossi
Impurities in water, lime, rust they're not an issue with the atomizing shower?
Omar Abdul Aziz
I don't get what are the 5 Renewable Gadgets are
heat? pffft just throw it in a fire.
the first one is obsolete. you can make a cone like shape pointing into the sky and have solar panels placed all around the cone so it gets energy from the sun all day.
Hulla Dek
Hate this ads no numbers just hyping how grate the thing is what they did. But you wont know it unless you have the numbers.
George Shovnadze
So rawlemon created a smaller heliostat. Great, now what?
por fin algun invento en español!!!
nice video :D
anime adic GM
see I knew it you post videos at 5 pm every time
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7 Great OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions 5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED 10 months ago   12:05

Seven interesting off-grid living inventions No.3. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Turbulent Micro Hydro Power Plant - https://www.turbulent.be/
2:28 ➤ GoSun Fusion - https://b00f42be.kckb.st
4:56 ➤ Semtive Nemoi Residential Wind Turbine - https://semtive.com/
6:56 ➤ BioLite SunLight - http://geni.us/WNRrJn (Amazon US & International)
7:55 ➤ Cappa Water Turbine - http://earthmilk.jp/english/cappa/
8:36 ➤ Solar Water Heater - https://www.thealternativeenergycompany.co.nz/products/water-heating
10:29 ➤ goTenna Mesh - http://geni.us/rKZ5ybr (Amazon US & International)

Off-grid living inventions and product PART 4 - https://ufl.ae/videow/ZPqPrFA56AY

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