YOU vs JOHN WICK - How Can You Defeat and Survive It’s Payback Time | Stand 2 days ago   08:52

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What if you came face to face with John Wick from John Wick, John Wick 2 and John Wick 3 2019 movie? Could you defeat John Wick and survive him? What tools would you use to defeat him? Would you be able to defeat Keanu Reeves? Have YOU seen the John Wick trailer?

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Arachnid Gaming
Simple way

Use a billion nukes
Gol3m MKVI
i know what to do u get a flame thrower get near him flame him have a posin diped knife and cut his belly and run for your dear life and then track him so he cant get anti venom
Gerald Monroe
My pet theory is that John Wick is actually just playing The Matrix: v1.2. And he has quick save/quick load powers. It's how the machines have disposed of that troublemaker Neo- instead of killing him, they have sent him to a world where he'll be happy.
Booze Bear
I'm very glad that this video exists, for many people get assaulted by John Wick every year and don't know how to defend themselves
Sterling Archer
My mom is related to the real john wick. His son is the author of the books
Do you vs the equilizer
Sauron the Samaritan
How to beat John Wick...

Be somewhere else.
Jo Montanee
How to survive John Wick? I think *the odds is about even.*
Etherial_squid 47
Life kicks him in the face 'punches him in the face'
κχ A҉L҉P҉H҉A҉ χκ
Do you vs Satima
Accelgortus S
f in chat for monopoly man
that Guy
I love the John wick series
He will dodge that shot xD
Denise Stover
He is in fortnight
imnotanoob 187
maybe if you're a fortnite player you might defeat him
Dyjerrius Dailey
The equalizer vs John wick
*John wick iS fRoM ForTnITe*
Makhaya Mahlangu
Only the one can beat john wick
How to survive John wick

You be him in fortnite
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It’s Payback Time | Stand YOU vs JOHN WICK - How Can You Defeat and Survive 2 days ago   02:01

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