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Dave Lee
Dave2D mini review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. These are the best phones from Samsung and I really like the size of the smaller one.
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Dave Lee
I absolutely love the size of the smaller Galaxy Note this year.
P.S.: Samsung has corrected their press material, it's not a stainless steel frame. It's still aluminum. RIP
ernanie garcia
Removing the head phone jack is the biggest mistake samsung did.......Chinese phones will be the next big thing
you peng
vishal mellark
ppl are happy with iphone xr ( which might be my next device ) , my friend used one plus 7 pro for a month and returned it to buy a pixel 3XL ! the camera's were shit, the mbl lags randomly , apps force close , he even replaced to a new device within that one month span! the problem still persisted , it was lesser than the previous , but still it was there! one plus is also an over rated chinese crap ! better to live with samsung or iphone or any other growing brands . everything is chinese or korean, u just got to find your perfect one ! loL !
vishal mellark
ppl buy 90hz screen and keep it @60 hz for fucks sake ! samsung did the wonderful job here ! no one cares abt how many hz the screen has !
Muhammad Ali
Just sayin' A NOTE shouldn't make compromises. It should straight up be the heavyweight champion
Thanh Tran
Harry Potter magic wand

New sony wireless buds are amazing!
I don't get why everyone makes such a big deal about a headphone jack. You could get a perfectly fine pair of bluetooth earbuds for $50. Sure, the Note 10 seems lacking for the price point, wich it is, but the Note series has always had a less-than-ideal price to performance ratio and is more of a niche phone.
Armia Khairy
This makes the note 9 easier to get and a better deal
Tonghai Fu
Too expensive HUAWEI is much better. No big talk. Just try. And samsung, if you can, move the hole in the middle upper the screen not at the bottom.
The Note9 just went from 100% to 500% in value...
Someone has been watching Binging w/Babbish
Kathaleen Wood
Thank You, l really enjoyed Your review.
Wireless headphones? That fry the brain slowly?
Can't do without a stylus. Looking forward to testing out the gesture feature. Samsung Notes are always a reliable offering, bar the Note 7...
Andrew Y.
I wonder why people are still so against the lack of headphone jacks on phones? I'm quite surprised that even tech reviewers such as Dave still disapprove of the lack of the jack now that high quality Bluetooth headphones are being released from everywhere. I understand that in the beginning of the no-jack craze, it seemed somewhat unreasonable to take jacks out of phones when Bluetooth headphones were still early in their stage, although this action is what urged headphone companies to come out with better and more refined Bluetooth headphones much more quickly than had they not been nudged to do so. But now, with high quality Bluetooth headphones, people should stop worrying whether a piece of tech will disappear because it will eventually be obsolete. Of course, Bluetooth only phones will have its downsides too. But if you think about how far phones have come from old Nokia phones that could last literally a week in a single charge versus smartphones that can barely survive a whole day if it means to have far superior processing power and increased functionality, I think almost everyone would take the latter any day. I bet in 20 years, the new generation will be flabbergasted at how we've been "suffering" from the cord era for such a long time; cords on phones will be considered "grandpa" technology to them. I believe that technology, as with everything in life, has growth pains that we need to endure to fully transition into a new technological era so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Dave plz review fossil gen 5
Watching from my Galaxy S9. People, why would upgrade to a new phone if you're current phone performs well anyway? Save money for things that are essentials. Thanks 🤗
Muhammad Rahadiansyah
Lmao, by making shitty products they will make a much better one.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands Galaxy Note 10 - 💙💜❤️💛💚 2 days ago   14:14

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus hands on.
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This is my Samsung Galaxy Note hands on video. The Note 10 (Plus) represents Samsung's top tier smartphone offering packing a 6.8-inch AMOLED display and up to 12GB of RAM.

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