The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine Supercharging Leroy Ep.5 - IT'S 1 day ago   25:19

Cleetus McFarland
Ruby will be back... back for an 8 second pass!!!
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The buying an auction Corvette popped out on my feed, cause i want a c6 i guess? Been binging all the ruby vids .... and now i want a mountain dew haha cool vids man!
dham99 looks like the FPR is actually smashing into the this not a concern? XD
Mike Brice
Holly made this video. 10/10 doggo
Eric Meredith
Will one of the 6.0 truck motors fit the vette?
Andrew Inman
Get a power steering cap while you're there bud lol
Jeffery Bills
I don't know if its just me but it seems like those ford motors are weak sure it goes fast but they don't last like Leroy's motor it don't break like that one you need to try the tranz from ruby in Leroy i like the mansmisson but curious how he would do with a auto
Casey Blough
tear it up guys
mike in a can
4:58.7 Am I the only one that noticed "Kyle was here"?
Mason Wengeler
Drop a 6.2 3/4 ton in not a 5.3
If you have too much oil in the pan the crankshaft could be aerating the oil causing your flickering pressure. The top end on that motor can't hold 7+ quarts to empty the sump.
Robert De
My friend and I used to call the oil in the blown engine "Blown Motor Stuff"
So does this mean you guys will use assembly lube this time?
Izzynutz Restorations
After your Dyno pulls you should have changed the oil especially on a fresh build... Rule of thumb on a rebuilt engine..JSYK
Bike Life_93
Now that’s a lot of damage!!😂
Brett Prior
If the landlord is giving you shit, the landlord is a fucking inept moron. Replace you, the most successful and lucrative client he will likely EVER have in this space, with anyone else... and his income may just end. Most others likely wouldn't even make the spot work... most shops go under in a year or less. Those tire tracks are as good as sales adverts to your clientele, they are a good thing to have outside. Some trash ass bullshit having some fool give you shit for the little transgressions you've displayed. Idiot.

Also, that 9.3 pass with the open window... BET it would have been 9 flat with windows up... I have consistentlay added 3 tenths or so while running windows down or tops off in various cars... mostly ls1 fbody. That wind resist is REAL. God I wish I had your resources.
Daniel riggi
dude ruby has had 6 different engines jeez
Gene Wallace
He said he put more oil than supposed to thats not good to over fill it
Brooke Turner
Glad you told us it's blown. Now we don't have to watch.
Jose Vitela
Should of got the 6.0 from that denali
Somebody needs to save that Bug
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Supercharging Leroy Ep.5 - IT'S The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine 1 day ago   11:33

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Finally got our first drive in Leroy!

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