The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine I Found a RARE Lamborghini at the Salvage 1 day ago   25:19

Cleetus McFarland
Ruby will be back... back for an 8 second pass!!!
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I've got a newer 4.8 in my work truck. It is "better" than that one bc it has variable valve timing but its a turd with a terrible powerband for a truck
Mike Soda
That's why you never rent, uptight retards always gotta hinder fun. I live in an HOA so I know what it's like to be inhibited by bullshit. No clothes line for fence across the front. Just gotta let every god damn jehovah witness knock on our door. I'm about ready to chase em off with a bat.
Ronald Mercer
I'm a grown man a veteran and have no idea how this trivial nonsense got on my phone
You guys should put a small Diesel engine in it after you blow this engineπŸ˜‚ Y’all go through engines like copy paperπŸ˜‚
MoTo KH Channel
I love this video brother
Dayton Griffin
Please put a 25 dollar trash guard on that turbo...... it will save you a lot of time and money
MiLeYs On OuR sIdE LeTs AlL cOmE In LiKe A wReCkInG bAlL and sub to pewdiepie ya freakin some year old army
Please cage ruby, you are a huge roll model. Love the channel
Christopher Gump
"shout out to the bardle skeet ripper" hahaha
Ryan Faili
4:59 β€œKyle was here”
Blair Woodhouse
Ahhh man you guys have so much the dream!
Jason Bates
am i the only one that noticed that Cooper is in this video?! The xmas tree video one day prior they said the voice of reason Cooper was in vegas lol. Iam calling Cleetus out on this one someone is lying or the footage is before he left which makes no sense.
Jason Bates
Can someone explain why Cooper is in this video but Cleetus said he is in Vegas?
Ron LeClair
5:10 min in, the glowing pipes and flames out the stack. That would look cool on a T-shirt.
Yan Elgaard
There can be no success without failure.
It's good to hear ya say you make mistakes but learn from them. There's a reason why they call it manning up.
Good luck with Ruby.
No extra oil! It'll cause foaming of the oil without a scavenging plate between the pan and block.
Nicholas Maisonneuve
Time to build your own shop/house! burnouts in your front yard!
Stephane Perron
One thing we do is run the fuel lines through the cooler for cold fuel. cold fuel = more power....!!!
These guys should have their own tv show.
Joe Magnets
Before you take off the heads, there is a small 'borescope' that has the ability to turn the self-contained camera led lights, to inspect the entire inside of the cylinder including the valves. It's fairly inexpensive. Bang Good, I think, is the company that sells it.
john s
Get a custom carbon fiber hood.
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I Found a RARE Lamborghini at the Salvage The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine 1 day ago   19:46

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