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Millions of people across Nigeria are due to elect the country's next president and members of the National Assembly. More than 70 politicians declared their candidacies for the presidency during the early days of election season but the contest has effectively boiled down to one between Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar, two septuagenarians who have loomed large over the political scene for years.

One of their biggest challenges is to show they are each mindful of the concerns of young people. The estimated median age of the population is 18.3 years old, making Nigeria one of the youngest countries in the world. Young Nigerians are concerned about issues as varied as healthcare, home and family life, education and employment, but a generation gap between the general population and those in the top echelons of power has many wondering if Nigeria will see dramatic change.

In the first of two special extended shows on Nigeria's election, we'll hear the thoughts of young politicians, activists and voters and ask them what is needed to revitalise governance for the benefit of an ever-more youthful country.

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Al Jazeera English
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Sheard Sheep
Isaiah 3:4
The World of Sam
The most intelligent person in this discussion is Samson Itodo. Not only does he present well articulated and logical points, he is very cultured and mannered in the way he is engaging in the discussions. He sounds like a true leader.

The next person is Aisha. Not closely as great as Samson, but she makes her simple points, with proper manners.

I have always read Omoyele's campaign points. Most notably, the unrealistic point of raising minimum age to 100K. I'm listening to him for the first time, and he sounds just like his campaign points. Omoyele doesn't have the qualities I want in a leader. First of all, he keeps on rambling and couldn't articulate his points and speak clearly. But the worst aspect has to be his lack of manners when discussing. He keeps on interrupting other people, and also wouldn't stop talking until he is shut out.

That Zainab lady that is running for office sounds lost in the mix. Sounding like a secondary school girl that is representing her school in a debate. She just came there to pour out what seems rehearsed and typically not related to the questions asked. smh.
E2B Educate
i love Al jazeera
E2B Educate
i like all comment's men
salaudeen abdulrahman
There is urgent need for Nigerian youth to form coalition group. At this time , if we must take over the government, it must come through a movement and we have to start that now.
angela davis
The problems in the world comes from this religions: Christianity, Islam , Judaism, and Hindu with its terrible caste system, and the world's problems are also from Capitalism and Western Democracy. All these Institutions and religions are on their way out. These are the last hours of world rule by the Roman empire, Jews, and Arabs. So-called Blacks/African Americans; who are really the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians, are realizing that they are really ASIATIC in origin and they have literally JUST filed an International-level legal petition to evoke the RIGHT OF RETURN LAW; since THEY are the RIGHTEOUS heirs of the Levant (ancient Phoenicia). If ANY nation should evoke Right of Return it is the Phoenicians; whose Ancestors are the original people of the Levant. What is now called Jerusalem rightfully belongs to the Phoenicians; descendants of slaves. When the Phoenicians; who are called black people, get their Mediterranean lands back it will change the world order to opposite of the way it is now. It will bring balance back to Earth. No more Institutionalized racism or any other oppression. Lasting peace on Earth. We will be happy, balanced, and whole. Straightening out the geo-political so that the Phoenicians are back in their lands changes EVERYTHING.
Fasanya Olatunji
omoyele sowore of african action congress...all the way....i lost hope in nigeria becoming a better country but when i watched sowore engagement on youtube..challenging one of nigerias minister in newyork city..i guess in 2012 ....since then i did a research on him...and started following him...he is the kind of leader we need in nigeria
Diamond Gates
I have observed that apathy to voting and elections in Nigeria is one of the most crucial issues to worry about. I'm so surprised and utterly disappointed on the high level of apathy by millions of Nigeria especially the youths who have simply given up on the election process because they believe their votes will not count, will not have any effect or the simply say the outcome ave been decided before elections in Nigeria and therefore reduces the exercise to a real joke. The saddest aspect of this is that most of these people who are not voting are the very ones who are negatively affected by the horrible system and thereby feel deeply that there is a need for a change of the way the country is being run by the gang of rogue retired military officers and their cronies. In fact, if 70% of these folks dare to vote, they will help bring about the desperately needed change.
Novel Tunez
Pdp and APC are the same, we can’t continue doing same thing yet expecting a different result, let’s vote Omoyele Sowore, he’s our only alternative, if he doesn’t deliver as planned, in 2023 we’ll take the mantle off him and try someone else, don’t sit at home hoping your voice on social media would do the the job, vote wisely, vote Nigeria. Thank you.
Nikolaos Bineeris
AAC voters, it's time we all revisit or re-communicate with those we think should vote for AAC and see how we can refresh this right decision in their hearts...... ACC of Omoleye Sowore in the trusted political party , as the PDP and APC had failed and betrayed our trust.
Franklin Mein
AAC Takeitback Nigeria.. Omoyele Sowore is our next president
ojeaga stephen
We the Nigeria youths we have decided to vote for our great Man Omoyele Sowore for president.
devil Denali
Wow so many views and I did,'t even notice 😀😆 😆 😆 🍷🍾🏃✍️👂🤟💄👂
tameem ash
Good on you ALJAZEERA . You gave a good lesson to Saud family of Saudi Arabia that they cant silent the media outlets like your self n they tried to get Qatar to bow down to them back fired on them ... since Aamir Qatar gave military bases to the us army aka Saudi royal family's masters Qatar is 100 times safer then Saudi Arabia... good on you Amir Qatar on helping us army with the expense of there bases in access of a billion dollars... that guaranteed a good safety insurance for ever ... much better deal then becoming a slave to the slaves aka Saudi Arabia's royal family .. shame on you Saud family especially MBS for trying to bring down ALjazeera n kingdom of Qatar
come on now
Will the prince still gonna give out funds millions of dollars like in emails?
Anti World 13 JFK
https://ufl.ae/videow/ZDeaR2TljPY https://ufl.ae/videow/3lm9D96U-qG
13bloodline, Freemasons, higher level Illuminati members and etc satanic members around the worlds, is the mastermind of assassination president John F Kennedy !
Global community come together as one planet citizens voice, one action and stand up for France. Is time to wake up for revolution clean the worlds of corruption and destroy the corrupt governments around the world and new worlds order members & Islamic extremists religion ! Save the world and future generations!!! Fight for our future and future humanity!!!
Global community we will win this war !
archibong ndifreke
History shows us that as election season unfolds further, the water would become muddy, Betrayals, Character Assination, Politically motivated Crimes, Multi-million dollar patronage, Consolidation of election rigging machinery. These are some of the shark lying in wait in the deep and milky waters ahead as the political class perfect their plans to take the people to a joy ride to nowhere (Dr Tunde Bakare)

It's a critical time when human capital becomes the most sourced commodity, and this is because the elections are here again. The demography or Strata of those who will be major players are the youths, so I will focus more on the youth in this writeup.

For every struggle you engage out there be it for a politician, or for a god-father do a retrospect and ask yourself, before putting your life on the line for any politician or god-father,
- Is their child/Children also involved in this dirty game? Are they on the battle field?
- Can I get same quality of close access to the subjects after the elections?
- If I come out victorious can these politician or god-father give me something very precious from their household? An example is Saul promising David he will marry his daughter in 1Sam 18:17. Hence can you go close to their children not not even talking marrying any if you so wish to. This gives amount to your worth in their lives.
- What assurance do you have that you will be relevant in their course in the next 2years before the next election draw close.
- Comparing the quality of life with what their wards enjoy in and outside the country, is your life worth laying for them?
These and many more questions beg for answers.

Since the beginning of our electrocracy, the strategy of our political class has been consistent. They spend three years improverishing the people, and conniving the common patrimony ahead of the next election cycle. As the election season unfolds they then deploy their so called war chess move, doing massive shopping spree for votes from the electorates. Such banditry has become the norm for politics in Nigeria, that is why some demi-god has continued to hold the nation to ransom. A friend and a public advocate Etim Eyenabasi once said ''I wish elections are conducted every year so that we can always experience the kind of transformation we notice during every election year'' (P)

As we go out to perform our civic obligation we should be aware of some vices that happens on the election ground and know that at last the votes will be cast by us, hence the bulk ends on our table; the choice is finally ours, and we must take it by our own hand. Issue-based manifesto should be the basis to which we cast our vote. Promises Ofcourse were made by the different contestants, hence level of preparedness would be another important factor to look at.

Many political party made promises during campaign to making the electorate believe they got their I's dotted and t's crossed only to get into power and discover nothing was in place to kick starting the smooth running of governance. This could be seen in time it took before key decisions, appointments, and a working blueprint for promises to come to reality. Oppositions will also make promises as though they got the magic wand in their hands, waiting to swipe right in putting things on motion. I once heard one of the political aspirant speak on a radio show and was pleased with how prepared he was, to giving issues based solutions to societal challenges, how vast he was in knowledge that he could tell approximately the number of roads in his jurisdiction, and other projects with data, this is preparedness.

Finally, once we have sized the candidates, our job is to go vote peacefully. For those who intends to cast their vote peacefully and for those who would willing give themselves for negative vices, my advice is '' Do not get yourself Killed''. This is because if as an electorate ''You are not'' In right Standing'with God, and you get yourself killed in the process it's most certain you might not end well. Your life would have been wasted and the worst the killer would get is a jail term, or be killed, but this killer has some time to make amends and if he/she comes to know Jesus, He will be forgiven and might end well even if killed as a form of sentence. Your life was sacrificed for nothing. So my fellow youths, it's essential we live with the consciousness of Christ always and working to build our relationship with God even beyond the election.
For the one who has made him/herself a living sacrifice for negative works, think for a monent; if you loose your life in the process of doing evil and no quality time to make amends with God, of what use have you existed here on earth?

Elections will come and go, Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, never disconnect from your source and don't get killed except you are still connected to Him.
God bless us all.

Ndifreke Archibong Effiong.
maryann Hope
I've subscribed. Thank you, now I can learn more.
Blessings & Peace from the USA my dear brothers & sisters 🙋‍♀️❤
oma berry
Omoyele Sowore for President!!! AAC take it back, no going back.
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Akon: 'America was never built 🇳🇬 Nigeria Decides 2019: 1 day ago   25:01

Akon: 'America was never built for black people' - Talk to Al Jazeera

The Senegalese-American recording artist talks frankly about US race relations, "rebranding" Africa, and his music.

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