OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing + Best Features! OnePlus 7 Pro - TOP 7 FEATURES 1 day ago   07:59

I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and have had it in hand for some time now and the only way to describe it is RIDICULOUS. With it's new pop up camera, completely bezel-less display, nebula blue color and more, it really has a chance at being my favorite phone (at least visually) this year. Here are some of the top features of the new OnePlus 7 Pro, as well as other information like OnePlus 7 Pro price, oneplus 7 pro specs & availability

Find it here:

Pricing of the OnePlus 7 Pro
Mirror Gray
6+128 GB - $669
8+256 GB - $699
Nebula Blue
8+256 GB - $699
12+256 GB - $749

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Pricing of the OnePlus 7 Pro
Mirror Gray
6+128 GB - $669
8+256 GB - $699

Nebula Blue
8+256 GB - $699
12+256 GB - $749

Price of Bullets Wireless 2: $109
Robert Graybill
I see you Liger Zero Jager. 😏
Dark Artist 28
if they have Thanos purple it will be good colour
prasanna adhikari
Edges are the best
ags raju
Samsung edges their displays better than the 1+7
Jonathan Hernandez
Can we get a real day in the life were its the battery its at 100 and there is more going in the day.
I got the one plus 6 T McLaren edition and Galaxy s10 5G should I up grade them both to something new lol like the note 10 plus 5g. And one plus 7 pro hmmm
Getting this tomorrow, ye
The edges aren't as severe as I'd feared. Only got my OP7P yesterday but so far it's damn near perfect.
Tauriel - Mobile Legends
I think I’m then only human on earth who is afraid to buy the nebula blue color because I think it looks cheap and cheesy , and will get old sooner
snOOpy Sniperz
2:26 lmao 😂
Les Carpio
This is misleading - retail boxes will only ship with the device, charger, the USB-C audio jack, and a simple clear case.
Zohaib Saqi
Rolls Royce of phones🤩
Sorry man I don't agree with you about the display. I love that curve display. Flatten displays look corny in 2019 and beyond
Stijn Boterberg
Best op7 pro Review. Subscribed!
I don't mind the edge. It's one of the best phones I have ever seen.
For someone who doesn't take selfies or use the front camera hardly at all; gimmie gimmie
Teddy Cookwell
Jude what's your daily driver? Second would you prefer 7 pro or s10plus?
9latinum Studioz
$o W a v y 🌊🌊🌊
We are not going to get that big box with all that extra stuff right?
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OnePlus 7 Pro - TOP 7 FEATURES OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing + Best Features! 1 day ago   05:21

OnePlus 7 Pro is finally official and at $669 it's one of the best value for money handsets. So let's take a look at the top features of the OnePlus 7 Pro that makes it one of the best devices in the market right now.

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