OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing + Best Features! OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1 day ago   07:59

I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and have had it in hand for some time now and the only way to describe it is RIDICULOUS. With it's new pop up camera, completely bezel-less display, nebula blue color and more, it really has a chance at being my favorite phone (at least visually) this year. Here are some of the top features of the new OnePlus 7 Pro, as well as other information like OnePlus 7 Pro price, oneplus 7 pro specs & availability

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Pricing of the OnePlus 7 Pro
Mirror Gray
6+128 GB - $669
8+256 GB - $699
Nebula Blue
8+256 GB - $699
12+256 GB - $749

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Pricing of the OnePlus 7 Pro
Mirror Gray
6+128 GB - $669
8+256 GB - $699

Nebula Blue
8+256 GB - $699
12+256 GB - $749

Price of Bullets Wireless 2: $109
I definitely hate edge display sometime I just touched by accident
Abdiel Hernandez
I hate the edges! Agree, would have been the best phone if they had not gone with that design.
Scott Osowski
Reviewer's only get that package I was pissed and sent my phone back.
Duk Duk
Jesus V
I'm happy for you, that in your REVIEWE's box they included and wireless headphones, Car Warp charger, and 2 extra cases, but you don't make it clear that those items will not be included on a regular purchase by a REAL average (NON-TECH REVIEWER) consumer. Please don't get me wrong I really like your reviews, but you are Showcasing what comes with the phone, it should be clear what people can expect to have included on the AVERAGE CONSUMER purchase.
I got a question for everone who got this phone.

Isn’t it too big?
I got a iphone 6s right now, which is pretty small compaired to this one.

Im afraid I can’t get used to the size
Atlantic MVP
The way you say « but »
Dawid Dymek
Everyone who will buy OnePlus 7 Pro will get this box with all of the accessories?
Tech ReviewsTV
Furture phone colors?
Gamora Green
Thanos Purple
Harold Robinson
What is the price of the OnePlus 7 pro reviewer's package you received?
I actually don't mind the infinity display and I'm a iPhone user
Alejandro Saldana
This is my next phone I’ll wait until iOS 13 if there’s nothing new I’m done with Apple
Carl De Pass
I prefer Infinity display
Can't stand the round screen....I'll stick with my 6T....I hope they will offer a flat screen version in the future...what a shame...
McApple 32787
I really don't like the “infinity edge display” and the pop up camera on oneplus 7 pro as well..i would prefer the curved edge display on the s10+ because the curve isn't bend over too much which won't catch any glaring effect on the edges especially in outdoors.. i rather buy the regular oneplus 7 because its more cheaper and practical but with the same performance, i don't think 90ghz refresh rate is essential rather it will drain your battery life much quicker...
“One plus isn’t”
I almost choked on my breakfast
Alvin Xuan
Great video!But I'm not sure if that game has been customized for the 90Hz fresh rate display .
Malik Awan
Please make straight displays instead of edged ones.. God what happened samsung and 1+ and all others who are copying samys foolish edges 😞😞😞😡😡😡
adam halls
Why pay for advertising when you can get you tubers to release it for you
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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing + Best Features! 1 day ago   10:21

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: A comparison of specs, cameras, battery, price, and more. Which Smartphone do YOU think wins in 2019?

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