How Humans Broke the Game Why Are We The Only Humans Left? 2 days ago   08:13

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jason lul
Mozambique here !!1:47
Mahtan Amandil
Infighting is not a weakness it is the reason they developed as far as they have today...
Otto Von Bismarck
Most of humanities weapons have just been sticks with deadly intentions. Think on that.
Nick moreno
hey you
Man, I'm tired people giving me shit for being a human main. Yeah, we do a lot of fucked up shit that is unforgiveable and its something we need to work on. At the same time we're constantly reaching new heights and are pushing the game to limits most would have thougt are impossible just a few years ago. Even if we end up getting nerfed and the next patch will change the environment in a way we can't adapt fast enough we are going to persist and find new innovative ways to survive and thrive. This doesn't even touch on how we are the only class that is getting close to unlocking and mastering the "genetical engineering skill", which lets us meddle with some high level client-sided code in a way where we can give us stat boosts and new effects
LionelMessi 10
The only build that can counter the human build is the Karen build
Das Fuhrer
Get fucked, humans = best
Elmar A. Hannah
Shit, I really need to get Curiosity Stream. But there is still so much on Netflix that I haven't seen yet. Need to finish that and then start binging some awesome prehistoric documentaries.
Solveig Lindberg
The human mains are at the point now where they are looking into doing arbitrary code execution right now. If the devs don’t do anything they might just lose all semblance of control over their game
Au ser
The devs actually nerfed humans by giving men a long amount of time to cool down the cum ability
spazz man
Actually sabertooths liked the cold but whatever.
there are no evidence of Clashing between the Neanderthal Faction and the Sapience
KeyBoard ,inK
Humans were the top build until the dolphins rose up to challenge them for the thrown dun dun dun
The size of the brain didn't matter. Homo Sapiens were a more intelligent build and had actually had a larger brain to body ratio than Homo Neanderthalis.
Ok this is epic
The nuclear holocaust patch might ban humans pretty soon
Aiden Kane
You could say humans were a rag-tag team.
They stood against all odds and eventually came out on top.
Ezekiel Goldberg II
Out of Africa theory is disproven but good video otherwise.
Random Guy
WHAT WAS THAT DOCUMENTARY! That cgi is better than lots of movies out today! Its not everyday a documentary has stunning cg
Hyrule Legend
>there's an alternate timeline where neanderthals won and I could've been buff and smarter
I don’t understand why the devs would nerf the Black Plague which was literally one of the best counters against human mains. I honestly believe the devs are brain dead. This is why this game is dying.
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Why Are We The Only Humans Left? How Humans Broke the Game 2 days ago   07:32

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In part 2 of our special series on human ancestry, we ask why we are the only surviving branch on the human evolutionary tree. Just 50,000-100,000 years ago, Earth was home to three or four separate human species, including our most famous cousins: the Neanderthals. New research has shown that Neanderthals were not the brutish, unintelligent cavemen that cartoons make them out to be. They were creative, smart, social, and perhaps even had complex language. So why did they go extinct as soon as Homo sapiens moved into their territory? Does any trace of them live on today? Why don’t we have Neanderthal neighbors?


Papagianni, Dimitra, and Michael A. Morse. The Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story. Thames & Hudson, 2015. (Library:

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Tattersall, Ian. “Masters of the planet: the search for our human origins.” Macmillan, 2012. (Library:

Walter, Chip. “Last ape standing: the seven-million-year story of how and why we survived.” Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2013. (Library:


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