Tripping At A Music Festival Father vs Son: The Fight (Part 1 day ago   14:21

Josh Wolf

Told this story at four different shows one weekend. Couldn't decide which one to release, so enjoy my favorite parts from each one!

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Summer Geddings
As someone from Huntsville, Alabama...yeah.
Caleb Orella
my favorite part about this guy is that he cracks himself up. it's so adorable
What makes him a good comedian is that he can just tell a story and be himself and he’s just a funny person.
Rillepille 89
"Hey man...." 😂😂😂
Jack Kildron
2:46 yep definitely in portland
Damon Dark
Josh Wolf! I love Everything you DO!!!
Nic Oppedal
Bob Dylan is my uncle sooo... this kinda bums me out 😂😂😂 still love u thooo
Hannah Bak
His wheezes are just the BEST.
He laughs harder at his own jokes than the audience does.
Erin Herrmann
Lol I thought this video was gonna be about him tripping down a flight of stairs or something XD
Mitchell Sheppard
Are all these for real?
soson noob
Dude hes a freakin legend
Emily Sheils
Now imagine a woman telling it
Stagehand Jay
Riverdanced himself to death ! LoL don't think I have ever laughed so hard
Joan Bowden
"I'm never looking awaaaaaay"! OMG! Reminds of when I was shrooming once! 👀😜😵
Veteran James
This guy is the best! Very funny
Am I the only one that never took any drugs? (Excluding medicinal stuff)
"I'd like to hit Bob Dylan just once to hear him go ehhh!" ROFL!
Tried "mushrooms" once. Wow. Lol. It was an experience.
Ryan Taylor
Is it just me or does he sound like Quagmire (Family guy)
Madison Lutz
I have band camp in six hours I need to go to sleep but one more video.
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Father vs Son: The Fight (Part Tripping At A Music Festival 1 day ago   06:54


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