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How does the brain generate a coherent stream of visual awareness, when different visual features are processed separately in different places in the brain and at different times? And how does it generate the illusion that we live in the present, whereas the neural processes underlying visual perception necessarily take time – thereby incurring delays that are long enough that we should notice them? These are some of the questions that his research seeks to address.

Hinze Hogendoorn is an assistant professor at the department of Experimental Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Utrecht University. His research interests lie in the temporal aspects of perception, particularly vision.

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"Now" is unpredictable because it emanates from the quantum probability cloud of the unified field matrix.
Neil Mac
How soon is now?
proxima centauri b
jerome dragon
There is no such thing as time, only change, and there is a subtle difference. Time is an abstract concept used to understand, measure and explain change.
jerome dragon
There is no such thing as time, only change, and there is a subtle difference. Time is an abstract concept used to understand, measure and explain change.
Matt Butler
I just added to “watch later “
Oberon Pan
What I do know for sure is, when I'm waiting to hit "skip" on a YouTube ad, that last second is about three seconds long.
In order to "explain" the "blind spots" when moving the eyes from one object to the other the intellectual analysis reflects the "blind spots" with a "blind explanation", ie as "brain gaps"; when he should have mentioned perception's continuous need to *re-focus;* yet ( up to 13:05 ) he hasn't even mentioned that. Hinze Hogendoom is affected by the desire to account for "phenomena" for "science's" sake and its preoccupation with *data and the brain* without allowing for the nature of "perception" and how it is wrapped up in language; the latter making the whole talk reductively simplistic ?

He also talks about the *brain going back in time - restructuring* without accounting for *the psyche* and *the false psyche* ( intellect ( imagination )) ? The only reason the clock in the wall is consulted is because it is ( should be ) sychronised by and to authority. Intellectual perception requires focus/refocus for the sake of differentiation so that what we claim to perceive as terms and labels matches each one's unique set of attributes, specified according to cultural reference, ie lingo.

*"So where does that leave us with the question of "when is now in the brain ?"...........I don't know.............and the one thing I do know is that when you open your eyes.....and look out into "the world"( ? ) there is one thing that you are not seeing............and that is now"* Well; there is one thing that "I" do know and that is you cannot sense "the now" by looking; but "the brain" ( whatever that is ) somehow detects it when not intellectually preoccupied ? One does have that choice. The natural world has no need for it; being synchronous to "reality".
Funny, many spiritual leaders take the opposite point of view. That time is an illusion and the only thing that is real is the "NOW"!
Hoa Lam
What a joke
Hoa Lam
Is this guy for real?!?!?!
Olmec 77
A book called Time to meet you
George Smiley
"How soon is now?" - The Smiths
Alexey Kulikov
The speaker deserves a prize for saying “Right?” fewer than 10 times per minute.
Jacob Hallberg
The brain is just one very advanced quantum computer haha
Apple Car
To answer the description of this video.... they mention that it takes time for all our neurological functions to process the things we sense. So they ask why we don't notice that delay. It's really simple. As an analogy it's like a dry river. When the beginning stream of water comes down you will notice the delay of the stream. But once flowing it's just a consistent flow. It doesn't go on off on off. Like water disappearing and reappearing. It's not the best analogy but I hope you get what I'm saying. It's like once the senses get processed then you won't realize there's a delay. I mean you don't have to know all the science to understand that. And when it comes to baseball and specifically batters they apparently process visual information quicker than normal people. It's like they adapted after practicing and exposing their visual senses to fast moving objects all the time. There's no science needed to understand that is what's going on. And I speak from personal experience that is true.
Lola White
I think the fly has mastered ESP
Poka Junky
6:10....that elderly guy's look😂😂👌👌
Peter LaCombe
If a man can split a ball the size of a pea with a blade while it's moving at 200 feet per second there are other senses at work beyond sight that we are not aware of conciously
C. Martin
Bravo! Merci
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The emergence of universal consciousness: Brendan Time and the brain: the illusion of now | Hinze 2 days ago   16:21

It was Aristotle who first argued that the whole is something greater than the sum of its parts. More recently, quantum physicists have argued for the existence of a unified field in which all particles and forces exist. This short but provocative talk explores whether new theories of social media, particle behavior and genetic mutation support an understanding of the universe as a complex adaptive system with emergent consciousness.

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