The future of renewable energy is making Why Tesla is building city-sized batteries 7 months ago   06:45

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For The Verge and Curbed’s home of the future, renewable energy generation is directly integrated into the design of the house. Grant Imahara experiences how the home of the future can both generate its own power and reduce how much energy it needs.


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The Verge
How would you power your home of the future?
These houses are far too big to begin with.
Macio Luko
@5:50 This will ultimately be the game changer. We all have smartphones and all of this is basically incorporated into an app already. When young HS students sharing a condo have access to this kind of energy usage display they will certainly use energy wisely and care a lot where this energy is coming from. Not necessarily for the good of the planet (although you'd hope it would be) but for the good of their wallet. As far as the Ford F-150 is concerned, I hope it is enjoying its soon to be squashed dominance of the market. Rivian and Tesla will eat Ford's lunch very soon.
have fun clearing leaves and stuff falling off those trees onto the solar panels which are also blocking half the sunlight, one tree branch dropping on there and it's gone. and the panels fitted together are also not water tight, rain will easily fall right through and down onto your car, the panels are not mounted at enough of an angle for rain and leaves to slide off.

Also, the house is far from energy efficient with that many big windows, heating and cooling costs will be massive. the air-conditioning draws 6kw of power as input, just how massive is the air-con that's needed to cool that small house?
Nikomo Kreks
This is not the house of the future.
Solar carport is Not that innovative....
imagine one day not needing power companies that keeps people living in dense populations in poverty
Tesla solar roof anyone?
Well of course tesla !!!
Evan Smith
3:01 optical illusion
"New low score" haha just got that!
Sean Rages
Why only do the roof of what would be a shelter for the vehicle why wasn’t the whole roof made from solar panels
prankster gangster
you should just use tesla and the tesla car to
Tina C
Would be nice to see an electric car in the drive and highlight how those solar panels can charge the car. Ford F150 is a gas guzzler with lots of poisonous emissions - a vehicle of the PAST.
Franco Barberis
I can't help but think those solar panels like that are tempting for thieves. if you can't see the roof in the house, why not put more on the roof and get 100% power from solar.
Farooqh Emperial
Can you tell me which architecture firm is behind this tech home?
Wow. 'Financially accessible' ?
flash star studio
what is the software use to know the power usage and control the home automation
Hybrid electricity? Why not run all lighting, fans, and everything that can be run directly on DC instead of wasting a third of it in using expensive inverters. Next, use AC for energy intensive devices like ovens and HVAC?
Gary Kerney
What solar panels are those?
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Why Tesla is building city-sized batteries The future of renewable energy is making 7 months ago   06:15

We talked to the co-founder of Tesla, JB Straubel, about why giant batteries are crucial to the future of power grids everywhere. Batteries are becoming more useful at powering bigger things like bikes, cars, and soon, entire cities. We explore some of the zanier forms of energy storage already in use around the country.

Learn more about some of the figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, cited in this video:


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