The future of renewable energy is making Why Tesla is building city-sized batteries 5 months ago   06:45

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For The Verge and Curbed’s home of the future, renewable energy generation is directly integrated into the design of the house. Grant Imahara experiences how the home of the future can both generate its own power and reduce how much energy it needs.


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The Verge
How would you power your home of the future?
Franco Barberis
I can't help but think those solar panels like that are tempting for thieves. if you can't see the roof in the house, why not put more on the roof and get 100% power from solar.
Farooqh Emperial
Can you tell me which architecture firm is behind this tech home?
Wow. 'Financially accessible' ?
flash star studio
what is the software use to know the power usage and control the home automation
Hybrid electricity? Why not run all lighting, fans, and everything that can be run directly on DC instead of wasting a third of it in using expensive inverters. Next, use AC for energy intensive devices like ovens and HVAC?
Gary Kerney
What solar panels are those?
Sylvia Schepers
You didn't give any prices! Can you do that? PLEASE!
What brand is the solar panel? Very chic, love it.
Richard Finnegan
i certainly would have a F150 TRUCK for my future home... geez couldn't you get them to sponsor an electric vehicle at least?
Sergiu Stanciu
Congrats you have built a huge Tomograph. 😂😂
Jaime Mena
Please don't just say "an expert in solar technology" it'd be nice to hear one or two credentials or affiliations please
Love these! Thank you so much for making this series. It is truly inspiring.
Mitchell Austin
Stop using power. Bam! problem solved.
The Jetsons' house probably ran on nuclear power. Like we would if we were an intelligent society.
BTSHasTaught MeALot
I want this house to be my house...
Nacho Joshas
I would like to see a solar water tank heater (without solar cells, just the heat of the sun) they're fking efficient and dont require batteries. A fridge with a screen....really? Many "homes of the future" are portrayed like this, full of cool products, so is more like home of the coroporatios. That's not the future I want to live, full of unnecesary stuff and batteries. An energy efficient home is smart with the materials, windows, sun orientation, and things like air conditioner are not necessary. Maybe a simplier, smarter home with tecnology in the right places is the home of the future.
Rob Joyner
It all looks good on paper but wanting to stay comfortable is going to cost energy and there's no way around it with the current approach. Hot water, a/c, heat, and cooking are the major energy consumers and that's not going to change without major scientific inventions/improvements.
Ceiling, wall, and floor insulation needs to be greatly improved in the average home but home construction is not paying attention to this area in a major way. There are some products that can improve this but not to a major degree since the cost/savings ratio is not that great.
LED bulbs can lower costs but there's the initial cost, which at this time is still expensive, and lighting is one of the lower energy consumers.
rosanna smith
These affordable homes are great. but, they don't make room for the car, which is another big-ticket item that needs protection from the elements. Could the carport be closed in for the garage, or could a garage be added on when the house is in place?
Vinoth Kumar
intial cost is high
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Why Tesla is building city-sized batteries The future of renewable energy is making 5 months ago   06:15

We talked to the co-founder of Tesla, JB Straubel, about why giant batteries are crucial to the future of power grids everywhere. Batteries are becoming more useful at powering bigger things like bikes, cars, and soon, entire cities. We explore some of the zanier forms of energy storage already in use around the country.

Learn more about some of the figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, cited in this video:


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