Everything Wrong With Hellboy Everything Wrong With The Wolverine 2 days ago   18:39

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With a new Hellboy movie on the way, we felt obligated to tackle Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Holy sins, Batma--I mean, Hellman! I mean... Batman! Sh*t.

Thursday: Sins about olden times. well, not that olden. Old. Old times.

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Mr. J
Men boners fucks up story

Lady boners fucks up worlds
Me: *genuinely not sure if split screen or twin*
For some reason reason Hellboy in general is hot even in the comics
Amux Moose
9:29 the forest God is the last of it's kind
Denzel Noël
Amanda Mullins
Every time I see Selma Blair in something it always makes me think of her character Cecile in Cruel Intentions...and then I get annoyed.
Most of your complaints can be countered with: "Fucking elves man."
Sultan Ag
Why they didnt give us a part 3 of this instead of the new shit they just made
Ernie Rangel
There is a blue and black umbrella in the right corner of the screen.
Train of Taught
No hero can escape the The Bitch Dagger. hahaha
Nicolas Rojas
Does somebody know what is the name of the song just before the ablesbook comercial?
Stephen Singleton
Sinning you for saying clip and not magazine.
Curse Lady-Boners!!
Still better then the new hellboy movie.
Grell sutcliff
Immortal badass and sexy
Really Hot Ice
I like how you sin for long intros and sin for short ones too, I fucking love cinema sins.
@ 3:02 ; Hellboy has a guitar next to his bed... How the hell does he play it with his "Right hand of doom"? He would rip the strings right off that thing every time he strummed it {and don't give me that "Maybe he plays with a pick"; That giant hand would never be able to hold one}. Even if he were left handed, his right hand would just crush the guitar neck.
MyTruckinLife ACE
How is Abe able to breathe air in this movie. The first one he had to have his water scuba gear.
In my culture, we call each other by our relations
Tommy Smith
Lol good Mitch McConnell joke.
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Everything Wrong With The Wolverine Everything Wrong With Hellboy 2 days ago   11:53

What do you call it when the sequel is far better than the predecessor, but still kind of sucks? The Wolverine. Here are all the sins we found in the Wolverine's most recent stand-alone adventure.

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Thursday: Princess sins.

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