How The British Army Prepares For A Royal Australian army chief receives 2 days ago   04:18

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How do you prepare to fire a gun salute fit for a Prince? King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fired a 41-gun salute in Green Park in honour of Prince Charles' 70th birthday, with their preparations beginning at Wellington Barracks...

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Axel B.
Why do the Artellirists wear their Arms crossed in front of their Chest while running?

Is that a kind of Ritual?
Richard Goode
Great as a policy for the army.
Daniel Whyatt
My father was in Kings Troop through the 80s and into the 90s and I always found it so interesting and fascinating to here his stories of back then, but it's even more amazing to see the barracks for real then just a detailed description. A little disappointed that the number of men is not what it once was though. Still though it's great that the regiment has been still going strong.
The View From The Turret
Absolutely immaculate... fantastic!
Thomas Hay
Why not just switch to smokeless powder for the cannons?
Frankie Leung
A bloody waste of time. I went to Oxford University. I knew how stupid to dress up.
Apong Qkr
Wish your guys are here today with us....😔
Greetings from *kohima* ( _Nagaland,_ the place where u fought against Japanese..during WW-II)
John Grg
Who is the king??
Chuck Berry
Soooooo inclusive😩
No nation does awesome better than the British.
Pete Hall
I have a large tinted photo of my great uncle Frank Bewsey, Berkshire Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, Reading, taken in 1909 on his horse and wearing this uniform. It is so nice to see these ceremonial traditions kept alive and maintaining the highest standards of drill and dress. Sgt. F.V. Bewsey M.M. served in France & Belgium from the beginning of the war, but was killed by shell fire with four of his men in 1917. They lie together in Adinkerke Cemetery.
Waiting for this video to go viral so I can laugh at the people claiming that the horses are being hurt when they get their shave and the army are animal abusers.
Never in the history of mankind has any tribe/society (that has succeeded) induced it's woman to play warrior. No good has come of it- ur birth rate is below replacement no good will ever come of it. Why pray tell why is the thing still underway?
See the PCB got their fingers in the making of this film, OTT with females, a balance would have been nice.
Chris Needham
My father was in the H.A.C. during the fighting in Normandy.
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Australian army chief receives How The British Army Prepares For A Royal 2 days ago   02:30

Australian army chief Lieutenant General Angus Campbell receives guard of honour upon his arrival in New Delhi.

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