Building the Browns 2019: Rookie Dan Labbe's Takeaways from Browns 1 day ago   28:06

Cleveland Browns
In this Building the Browns, the Rookies arrive in Berea for Rookie Minicamp and check into the facility, get fitted for helmets in the equipment room, meet with Browns alumni during the Rookie Dinner and hit the field for their first practice in the brown and orange.

Building the Browns is an Emmy award-winning documentary series that follows the front office and coaching staff during the Senior Bowl, Combine and the Draft. The series takes the viewer inside the process that goes into selecting players on draft night. Building the Browns also takes fans along with players to visit their homes and see their lives when they are away from Berea. Episodes air Sundays in Cleveland on News 5 (WEWS) during 4 weeks in April leading up to and immediately following the NFL Draft and are archived on and YouTube.

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Comments 1299 Comments

Woody A
And over half this group don’t make it past the practice squad😂
Daquan Billingsley
I'm a Giants fan. But dammit. Browns are on a mission
Greedy Williams looks and sounds like a great guy! Good luck man
Noma Productions
I’m a falcons fan not sure why I’m watching this, Cleveland is one of those teams, that people think they will be good but will suck again. Lol
John Reed
I’m not a Browns fan. But I’m a Greedy fan. Humble kid
Donte Lewis
Greedy Look just like Chris Rock! And he got the same smile too! Can’t wait to see him cook this season! “He talkin bout the scraps, I was just ready to put the hamlet on.” 😂😂😂
after jim would talk to me like that id go lift a mountain
Foreva Pretty Princess
lets goooooo
Ramone DeCurta
Freddie Kitchen is a cool ass a father figure.
Global Atheist
Greedy Williams looks like a young Chris Rock.
Mack Wilson need to catch hands with whoever cut his hair 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
mike moran
The Browns will finish last in the AFC NORTH!!!
Stan ezen
I’m a falcons fan and I want the browns to win a ring 😂🤣😂
Anakin Skywalker
Baker a damn fool
Jerry Phillips
Seems like a pretty cool coach as far as relating to these cry babies these days. Now you can correct a guy but you gotta smooth it over, maybe explain where and why he was punished and build rapport. If players like you I believe they will play harder for you. I don't mind my coach being a hard ass if we are winning but a smooth, disciplined approach is usually the way to go……good job coach!!
Jose Valle
"With the 46th pick, the cleveland browns select CHRIS ROCK out of LSU."
The Goat
Greedy gonna he defensive ROTY. Most underrated in the league.
I’m a broncos fan , HOWEVER , the world is backing the browns this year. And now they have a Rudy in Damon , and rookies filling small shoes , the world see David, we see Damon sheely-Gulispe(i think that’s how you spell his name) we see the underdogs in the dogs and I’m officially gettin on the band wagon.
Love the inside view of the draft pick process.
Aaron Whitney
Baker is one entertaining dude. Applause.
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Dan Labbe's Takeaways from Browns Building the Browns 2019: Rookie 1 day ago   04:54

Les Levine and Dan Labbe discuss 2019 Browns' rookie minicamp.

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