How NAFTA Helped Create The Modern Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg 1 day ago   03:41

The North American Free Trade Agreement took effect 25 years ago this week, boosting trade across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. But it also helped fuel the modern drug trade.

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If only the US would stop spending billions every year to buy drugs...
t Time
Simple solution... END THER FAILED DRUG WAR
native american.
Animals have walls or fences not humans. Even worse when a society want to be caged in. Worked real well for the north koreans. Cant go no where. I wonder how many hundreds of years will be caged in. Cause of the stupid loud few. If only it was only them that will pay for there stupidity. Ao sad. I sometimes want to wake up from my bad dream.. Also turn your tvs to the world. They are alughing at us caise of trump. Maybe the majority can see somthing you dim whits xant
Nunu Nicole
So in other words this is why a wall does nothing
Meaning where supplied with chip cocaine for life time boys.
Mike Varga
Avg mexicans and avg Americans were screwed by NAFTA
Amoe Shakur
Legalize drugs. Here in CA, we've seen the price of marijuana collapse while not boosting consumption. That is, the drug trade is becoming far less lucrative and is driving many out of business (be it legal or illegal).
Anti-trade bias is insufferable.
Doctor Otis
Well done
So why do we need a wall? If you want drugs to go to the United States from Mexico, get a truck. Trump supporters are a bunch of paranoid schizophrenic who swallow opioids like candy.
Leo cancer
They have there hand in everything. They knew this was gonna happen. Its chess not checkers remember that
Elidio Marquina
You don't talk about the guns than USA government sell legal an illegally
thank u nafta
Pritin Augustin
Didn't I already see this episode of Narcos?
The only one
Because it’s the guns USA sells to all America Central America South America... call it, it’s just business dont take it personal.... when my own two sisters are heroin addicts. USA and Mexico and Columbia and Opium and the guns can all go to hell. Hell that literally does not exist so we can sit back an relax and go with a gut feeling climate change is not real?????
Nelson Gonzalez
If I remember rightly, didn’t the government (CIA) help bring in drugs, you know, like during the Vietnam war and then during following administrations, especially during the Ronnie years?
Further evidence that NAFTA destroyed countries. Not only was the US effected but so was Mexico.
Adam Nicks
We should legalize all drugs and create a less violent market place for them.
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Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg How NAFTA Helped Create The Modern 1 day ago   25:55

In remote southwest Sahara, the indigenous Tuareg tribe — variously used and discriminated against by former strongman Muammar Qaddafi — fight for their place in a post-revolutionary Libya.

Living deep in Libya’s desert near large oil fields and lucrative smuggling routes, hundreds of miles from Libya’s capital, the Tuareg find themselves impoverished and isolated on this prized land.

Nowhere is this felt more than in the oasis town of Ubari. Here the Tuareg are pitted against former neighbors in a proxy battle for assets and power, backed by government and international interests.

VICE News travels to meet the Tuareg on the front lines of Ubari and the border town of Ghat, to find out what is really happening in this rarely visited land.

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