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John Boyer
Finally after decades of research and development of renewable energy technologies, the price of electricity per Kw. (in 80% of the world) has become competitive with fossil fuel generated electricity. With no end in sight to the falling prices and wind power just slightly behind in production price, countries around the world are making the push to convert their energy production to renewables. Nowhere is this more evident than in China's aggressive push to modernize their entire energy production industry!

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Marcos Perez
*Great stuff! Nice work. The public really needs to see more of this. Have you heard anything about a new system called Optimal Future Energy Deployment ( **** )? I’ve heard some interesting things about it and my brother got some amazing results. I’ve also been searching for solutions to the problem of wind turbines killing birds and bats. Ultrasonic acoustics looks like a possible answer to saving bats, but I haven’t read anything lately about the best way to keep birds away from wind turbines. Have you heard anything?*
Rod Wallace
What was the "breakthrough?"
Skip Michael
This is crap.... Look at Australia for innovation. You want independent solar production, not BIG solar plants where they control the prices of energy... Do your research...
Robert Evans
Yes, but Trump voters want coal and want to pollute the air as much as they can because 'it will create jobs'. Just think of all those aerospace jobs to send us all to Mars because Mars is so much better than earth, right?
Duncan Wood
50% of global emissions come from livestock for meat, go vegan :)
Tan kok tim
President Trump and his team do not believe that man pollutes.

Climate change is a misnomer. It is an illusion and a deception. What it the real goal behind climate change for all mankind?

What is missing and what is the missing link?

Some world leaders do not support the fight against climate change as they are dissatisfied and disillusioned by the inequality and unfairness in the allocation and sharing of responsibility in carbon emission levels and carbon tax.

When they discuss and negotiate trade deals and climate change solutions, they should awaken to the importance of goals that they fail to see, and not just skirt on climate change as the main issue.

It is more than what meets the eye. All of them must wake up.
Tan kok tim
Solar energy...There are limitations like land space in big cities, cloud covers no clear blue skies all day long, rainy days and rainy seasons.

What other solutions are feasible for big cities to have abundance green energy?

Green energy in big cities, with no waterfall nearby, how should they make it possible to generate green energy?

Is it possible to build shafts of 150m height with half underground and half above ground in big cities [or the whole 150m below ground] to install 10 or more turbines in each shaft? Can we have perpetual water flow to be pumped to the top, and recycled the same volume of water and let it fall to the bottom and provide hydro power to generate electricity continuously in each shaft?

In big cities, Is it possible to place many turbines [10 or more] in huge water pipelines with gradient flow of water to generate hydro-green electricity?

How many turbines [10, 20 or 50?] can be installed in a 500m or 1km length of water pipe and in 150m deep shaft that have the continuous flow of water from high to low due to gradient to turn the turbines?
John Hetherington
Mr Punch lives.... robot narrator.....USA will fight it to the end... it will be their undoing
Jochan Wermuth, It's A No Brainer... Saudi Arabia Knows They Can't Sustain the Old Ways. God Gave Man 200Ml + Years of Dinosaurs & Sea Creatures so Man Can Have Fuel... But They Won't Use their Brains & Technology to Improve the Survival of Man & this Planet, due to Greed.!!! US is Going Backwards. Poison is Spilling Out of the Mouths onto the Land. Peace!!!
Conservatism is strong in America and it's irreversibly wedded to fossil fuels for 2 reasons.
1-Fossil fuels offer short term profits for shareholders and that's really a focus of theirs.
2- They're highly religious and believe that oil was put here by God for us to use which is why he'd never let oil deplete or allow oil to spoil the climate.
The reality is that humans will always extract and use oil no matter how expensive because it's what drives so many components especially renewables, you can't make solar panels or wind turbines without oil, however coal usage will begin to shrink as nuclear or natural gas "CoGen" plants will become the "baseload" power source.
Tyler Johnson
How hypocritical of those Arabs trying to save their own country with technology in which they don't believe in because of their religion. Talking about 21st century technology while wearing 9th century cloth, are you kidding me? These technologies are probably discovered by Jew Nobel prize winners, which are sworn enemies of muslims.
Those sheikhs probably believe in Islamic world domination.
They need to address better issues like stoning wifes, cutting heads off for leaving Islam, hanging people for being gay, cutting people's hands off for stealing, battery acid throwing and many many more.... And most importantly, oppression of children, make them believe in nonsensical fairy tales. Islam is evil.
Peraj Karbaschi
Now more work is needed to develop better batteries to store the energy.
Its a numbers game look at the pricing of an EV battery the people who do this kind of thing settled for $200 per Kw , thats how electricity is priced and with the EV revolution the price of electricity has gone up in the UK by 10% for Npower and 11% by Scotish & southern others will follow ,electricity is the new gold for some !
Climate Reality Leadership - Europe
human developments has been and are characterized by the combination to solve problems and develop new tools to enable our objectives (water, food, energy, transportation, communication, human interactions, relations etc.etc.). I met Jochen Wermuth the first time last year when I got awarded in "Cleantech Open 2016" presenting Energeotek's new NxGeo-systems for more efficient worldwide renewable baseload energy establishments. Jochen was memeber of the jury and responded "Believe me this will be the next big thing" as part of a new wave of desicions and immense investments in renewable emission free energy. In this movie Jochen explains this more in-depth, and with the examples from the middle-east, and the island of. The current conclusions and examples that we now have reached "the tipping point" towards major sustainable society shifts and investments in the more efficient renewables is the receipt of the facts we demonstrate that the energy conversion and sustainablility process is the single biggest and most important opportunity for mankind to enable economic stability, peace, environmental protection, prosperity, welfare by pioneering establishments of clean cost efficient energy. ...way to go...the world need many more Wermuth's in combination with more Energeotek's and other enabling pioneers and doers.
addick land
if only every (american) politician or policymaker actually believed this science. if someone has a connection to those people please send them this docu. if the people rooting for fosssil fuels realised that the economics made it a doomed endeavor, that`s when the support for oil companies and oil wars will collapse. electric cars will mop up what`s left and suddenly the dream of green clean cities in a decade or two has become real.
Part of the problem is the Government and the Laws as they are designed to protect the profits and monoply of the current power companies. In Ohio you are only alowed to produce enough power for your home. If you ad power to the grid you are considered a power plant and are subject to lots of laws and regulations. This has to change. Thanks.
KRC Gaming
Not going to happen. First WW3, then if we survive it can happen. GREED is the single biggest illness humanity has. It is a plague and it needs to be cured!
USA lost the lead.
Paris was crap. The 'agreement' was as little binding as it was ambitious. Private industries and individuals drive the change - often enough against the governments that pledge to subsidise them but then cooperate with oil/coal.
Seeing those leaders celebrate themselves for 'their' breakthrough is disgusting.
No One
Sceptic's of solar perhaps are unaware of graphene battery technology or other battery technologies to store the power from the sun.
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Batteries to the Future | Fully Charged Documentary : The renewable energy breakthrough! 10 months ago   13:24

A fascinating trip to the University of Oxford, Department of Materials, where scientists are doing amazing research into batteries of the future.
Professor Peter Bruce is wonderful at explaining the science behind battery research, even I understood him.

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