r/Tinder | fresh | ep. 85 Ultimate r/tinder Compilation 2018 1 day ago   10:25

Gotten a lot of requests for this one, and I had a blast making it!

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►(1) 0:01 Better Days - LAKEY INSPIRED
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►(2) 3:10 Monroe - LAKEY INSPIRED
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►(3) 7:31 Watching The Clouds - LAKEY INSPIRED
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►(4) 11:10 Wonder - LAKEY INSPIRED
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Outro By: Crippling Depression ( https://goo.gl/rEb2kN )

Background footage licensed royalty free from I Map Network (user Lilili888666)

Elements: https://ufl.ae/videow/-p5ZRQvDudY

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My name is Abigail Stitcher, and there will be a new Late Night video tonight.
Nathan Shelton
@2:50 oh! ok! mans can sing! gotcha!
*D E M O N E T I Z E D*
5:08-5:17 lol
was gonna like this vid till it caused my whole family to wake up and shout at me because it decided to say alexa and played despacito at full volume at 1am ffs
4:35 an even better fun fact: my parents met on Annapurna and now that's my middle name 🗻
Fake n re uploaded
Much better than those stupid automated voice message channels
Samir H.
You Fat Fuck.
Sub to Pewdiepie
This vid is FRESH
Sing it Queen
Describe yourself in five words

Really fucking stupid 👌
Julian Lyden
0:53 Has this dude ever heard of quality over quantity? Like wow.
There are NEVER too many vine references excuse me
Evan Measer
Yoooooo the peanut butter one😂😂😂
Iris Kendrick
*f r e s h*
Anik Mandal
most dangerous mountain would be the "kailash parvat" having noone to have climbed to its peak and live to tell the tale. :3
Gaming Cloud
Matched on may 3rd 2019
Article 69
”Three buns and four dogs (sausage)”
My ass you dont get it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jacob Jackson
Is he x military or a military kid
Him:Did it hurt?
Him: when you fell for the terrible convo?
Me : no but i scraped my knee from crawling back from hell
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Ultimate r/tinder Compilation 2018 r/Tinder | fresh | ep. 85 1 day ago   26:38

Online dating can be hard, some people do better than others. These are the top Tinder wins, fails, and funny moments of 2018 so far! List includes crazy pick ups lines, terrible conversions, cringe and awkward moments, and some wild surprises

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