How Dead Space's Scariest Scene End of Space – Creating a Prison for Humanity 1 day ago   19:07

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Glen Schofield, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games and the creator/director of Dead Space, goes in-depth on the development of the classic third-person horror shooter. Glen set out to create the scariest video game of all-time, borrowing gameplay elements from Resident Evil 4 to create a product with a unique blend of horror and action. Always upping the ante, the Dead Space team decided to create a massive dreadful tentacle that attacks and drags the game's protagonist around the environment. Little did they know, this element would prove far more difficult to develop then they had ever realized..

Gameplay footage used in this video:

SHN Survival Horror Network
Jacob Danik
Psyche Carlitox
Sam Mucha

DEAD SPACE Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary (2018 Ver. 1.0) (RabidRetrospectGames)

Dead Space 4K 60fps Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary (SHN Survival Horror Network)

Dead Space All Death Scenes HD 1080p 60 fps PC.mp4 (Jacob Danik)

Resident Evil 4 PS4Pro Full HD 1080p 60fps Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary (SHN Survival Horror Network)

Resident Evil Director's Cut Walkthrough Part 1 Without Commentary (Psyche Carlitox)

RE4 Blind Claw Guy.mp4 (Sam Mucha)

Silent Hill Homecoming HD 1080p Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay Lets Play No Commentary.mp4

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How Dead Space's Scariest Scene Almost Killed the Game | War Stories | Ars Technica

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I could listen to this guy talk all day lmao
First Dead Space = Masterpiece
Danny Andrews
His video game company is DEFINITELY a front for illegal activity. ;)
my favorite horror game ever
Roan Rodenmar
How to make a good horror game; make the whole experience- even the ending an unending nightmare. Never once i felt safe, the transport train is the only sure safe place.
Rafael Sobreira
What a game! truly a Mark on the horror games industry (pun intended)!
Giovanni Guerra
When this game came out in 2008 I was eight years old. This game was so terrifying I didn’t make it past the running part. I revisited the game 4 years later to conquer my fear and beat it. Great times
Sean Nollen
In my OPINION, EA should do this guy a service (since they will make a lot of money doing it anyway) and have a team remaster the first Dead Space. That reminds me, Microsoft needs to dig up Rare's rotting corpse so we can get some remastered versions of Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. (lol good one)
Great channel. i like it. Do more of these dev talk. very interesting to hear from them
I dont know how the dude who made CoD created search a masterpiece survival horror. Those in these fields are always genre restricted and dumb to some extent
Gabriel Delacruz
This is one of my favorite series
E1337hobo X
So i says to paulie i says we gonna make a game, ya see. Ya know im gonna fit you some nice cement shoes, capish?
R. Neph
Man, I literally just finished this game, what a crazy ride, I could really see and feel everything this guys is talking about, he really made Dead Space exactly how he wanted, such a great game, probably on my Top 5 now, loved every bit of it, the tension, the horror, the intensity, the dispair the joy and rush of defeating a room full of Necromorphs and the amazing story (witch reminded me something from Mass Effect, witch is a plus for me since it's my favorite trilogy and also a big Resident Evil fan), just amazing what he did at that time, wouldn't change a thing, so thank Glen and his team for making this amazing craft for us gamers!
The gaming Cat!
I feel sorry for the people who had to make the models of the monsters
Fishing Addiict TV
EA shame on you

The story is so good !!
Logan K
A true masterpiece, one of my favorite games of all time...and I dont like horror games
Too much PTSD can give you some really creative nightmares
Chaostia 66t
Sheriff Paul
FEAR 2 Project Origin was the scariest game imo.
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End of Space – Creating a Prison for Humanity How Dead Space's Scariest Scene 1 day ago   08:39

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