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From droughts to monsoons and extreme weather patterns, climate change may be easy to see and feel, but the issues surrounding it are often far more complex. Global Ideas has come up with a series of films and infographics to answer some of the most pressing problems and explain certain climate concepts and solutions. This time we take a look at what the greenhouse effect is and how it leads to increasing temperatures. We look forward to a lively discussion with you.

More information on: www.ideasforacoolerworld.org

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Shabana Akhtar
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Krishna Prajapati
Perfect explanation
Barton Paul Levenson
Kind of dumbed down ("small particles" for "molecules," really?). But it gets the point across.
Jocky Aman
Thank you sir
Nice explanation by this video I got the point of greenhouse effect
luc hebert
So these particles reflect radiations on the way out ...but not on the way in?? is that right???
juned khan
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Watching this for school
Isnt this fake?
Dusty TM
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Dusty TM
gregoire is my god
Dusty TM
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Dusty TM
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Dusty TM
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Grégoire BASCOU
yeah this video is awesome,i have learn a lot of things
Jiturathod Rathod
Thanks for easy and helpful explanation
B Real
It's a good thing our earth is NOT a "planet"!
the friggin greenhouse effect is the death of us.
James Gobbett
Greenhouses, to produce a warming effect, must have a roof and walls. It has not been demonstrated that a free atmosphere has a blanket effect depending on the composition of the gases. Indeed no one seems to even want to demonstrate it, maybe for fear it's wrong; it's just taken as a given fact, without demonstration. So warmers could well be spending billions of our dollars on the wrong solution. We already know there has been no benefit. There must be a reason for this, but "saving the earth" is not one of them.
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Patio Gardening - Home Made What is the greenhouse effect? | Global 2 days ago   04:58

A simple design for a small planter box greenhouse. Build a homemade greenhouse for any small plant pot or planter box. This style can fit any plant pot on any patio.

Patio Gardening is using the space you have in side the city. Patio Gardening is small space gardening and can be done by anyone!

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