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In this video US Army soldiers get to fire the legendary German made MG3 machine gun on a shooting range in Germany.

The footage was recorded during a joint German and US army machine gun shooting training to familiarize US soldiers with German made weapons especially such as the Rheinmetall MG 3.

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Video Credits: U.S. Army video by Christoph Koppers & SGT Derrik Tribbey.

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Random Stuff
Meet Germany: Once a enemy 70 years ago, now a valuable ally
Canuck Canadian
Man the distance firing sounds so terrifying. It sounds so deep and menacing
Adolf Hitler
Another video
*a german army shoot a m2 browning with burst shooting.*

Amerika army : *Its machine gun*
The german army : *Okey*

*And he's shooting with full automatic fire*

This video

But when he use his own machine gun? *The american army will training with german army*
Diver Down
Looking at the spent brass being picked up at the end of the video it looks like neck gets squished which is no good for reloading?
Hk 4lyfe
Just imagine if one of those US soldiers got behind the same mg3 that killed his grandfather in WW2 and would never know it O.o

If only those guns could talk...
Martin Giovanelli
Germans: its a machine gun
US : emm ok...
Fajita meat with seasoning
It hardly even sounds like a fucking gun.
90 year olds are probably having World War 2 flashbacks on D-Day
ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDon't bother
*Get's flashbags while shooting it
The US Army should have adopted the MG-3 instead of the M-60 MG. The M-60 is just a poor copy of the MG-3/MG-42.. I was 11C10 and later 19D20 and the first time I fired the MG-3 after years of using the 60 gun I knew the MG-3 was a far superior weapon I really liked it specially the scope that was part of it's TO&E.
*Und das heißt*
Semper Fidelis
MG 3 Best MG ever and MG 4 or 5 is just Bull shitt!
NikajimaMan 745
MG3: mein Bruder
MG 42: ya mein comerad
MiloSerra 15
You know something its quality when was made 70 years ago and its still in use today. Love this gun and german quality machinery.
Gabe McCall
What a gun!
Barely changed in 77 years. Not even the grip or stock. Only the cartridge.
Good to see Americans and Germans being close allies, while just 74 years ago we were blasting each other to bits.

Amazing soldiers on both sides.
I love the Jammed round being reused. .03 sec
The Marines Punisher
Everyone who’s making Normandy jokes jokes on you that’s a MG 3 1960- Present
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mark_backpack_60.m4v US Army Soldiers Fire The Legendary 2 days ago   00:35

Backpack fed M60E4 Mk 43 being shot at the Lawrenceville Machinegun Shoot in September 2011.

I used to enjoy bantering in the comments on this video but I got tired of YouTube comedians thinking they were funny or anti-gun ignoramuses thinking it was intelligent political commentary to mention the Las Vegas shootings. Those of us who enjoy studying the history and technology involved in of firearms don't find that crap funny and I'm not sure why anyone would think it's even remotely appropriate or warranted...but given the anonymity of the Internet many people seem to feel comfortable making jackasses of themselves.

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