US Army Soldiers Fire The Legendary Indian Defence Updates : IAF Finalizes 2 days ago   02:31

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In this video US Army soldiers get to fire the legendary German made MG3 machine gun on a shooting range in Germany.

The footage was recorded during a joint German and US army machine gun shooting training to familiarize US soldiers with German made weapons especially such as the Rheinmetall MG 3.

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Video Credits: U.S. Army video by Christoph Koppers & SGT Derrik Tribbey.

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Ultimate Military Archive Do you need this? Do we need this? Do they need this? Who knows!
NikajimaMan 745
MG3: mein Bruder
MG 42: ya mein comerad
MiloSerra 15
You know something its quality when was made 70 years ago and its still in use today. Love this gun and german quality machinery.
Gabe McCall
What a gun!
Barely changed in 77 years. Not even the grip or stock. Only the cartridge.
Good to see Americans and Germans being close allies, while just 74 years ago we were blasting each other to bits.

Amazing soldiers on both sides.
I love the Jammed round being reused. .03 sec
The Marines Punisher
Everyone who’s making Normandy jokes jokes on you that’s a MG 3 1960- Present
Stian Myrdal Laursen
It's fun to se the americans try a REAL gun...
Best crew served machine gun of all time. US should have adopted this weapon following ww2. Ten times better than the M60 piece of shit.
Steve C
I crewed one of these in Afghanistan on a German Truck.
Laren P
In every little german boy is a wermarcht soldier trying to get out 😁
Sum ting wong Richard
We’ve come so far👍
L Drake
Even Patton said we fucked up. Bolshevism is on the rise.....
araz oglu
hay H I T L E R
John Korkor
USA and Germany are like brothers
So going by what I'm seeing here I have come to the conclusion that in a couple of years the US Army will be fireing AK47's with the Islamic state and Al-Qaida for fun?
I'm an expert at using this gun. I usually run around with it,as an assault rifle, killing all of my enemies, but they always come back to life,...after the game ends. Call of Duty trained me well! Lol, great video,thanks.
color Sgt pennywhistlepete
Ich! Habe dieses machinegeweher zehr gern!
21st century nazis
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Indian Defence Updates : IAF Finalizes US Army Soldiers Fire The Legendary 2 days ago   05:35

Top 4 Latest Indian Defence News Headlines on today's "Indian Defence Updates" episode are as follows :

1. Indian Air Force Finalizes #MMRCA ASQR : Dassault Rafale, Boeing F/A-18and Saab Gripen - the front-runners for IAF’s 114 Fighter Jet contract : say top experts.
2. #CAR816 Delay in much-needed carbines for #IndianArmy : DAC Meeting
3. Pakistan deploys Chinese LY-80 systems along border.
4. Japan Has Some Big Plans : New Long Range Anti-Ship Cruise System.


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