Dog Unimpressed by Alien Invasion: Funny 풍선들이 숨었어요!! 서은이의 꽈배기 2 days ago   01:54

Dog Unimpressed by Alien Invasion: Funny Dog Maymo

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Watch Funny Dog Maymo be totally Unimpressed by a group of Aliens! This cute beagle dog is spending his day on the couch when a UFO lands in the dining room, and out spills a coterie of aliens! These green martians each try pranking the cute pup, one after the other, but nothing seems to faze this silly dog! In fact, Maymo ends up with a case of Alien Love and takes his relationship with them to a whole new level!

#alien #funnydogs #prank #aliens #perro #ufo #perros #cachorro #martian

"Quirky Orchestra 4" by Josef Habib
"Feeling Crazy (Instrumental Version)" by Happy Republic

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p m v
Adorable..give that dog an Oscar..meyer.🌭
Jan Radoušek
Wtf xd
Jiren 😂😂😂😂😂👽
status video
Shahriar Bin Rouf
Dog simply don't give a f**k!
Лина Дукова
Mehraj Ansari
Farrell Deebach-Carpenter
U should see the one with that weird pizza
The Blessing Marquee
In your face
monster бг
Omg gorkoto dog
Cristiane Gomes Da Silva
Dog alien surpresed wow!
elif sude çiçek
Merine Exyan
صوفي الساعدي
Luisfernando Angulo Angulo
El perro dise incomodo
Nice 😁
haydar hm
Google play card
This code MBM7KM2 😁😁
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풍선들이 숨었어요!! 서은이의 꽈배기 Dog Unimpressed by Alien Invasion: Funny 2 days ago   06:19

꽈배기 무지개 풍선들이 살아서 숨어요 ^^
서은이가 숨바꼭질 놀이 하면서 풍선들을 찾아서 잘 정리했어요 ㅎ
귀엽게 봐주세요^^
Twisted Rainbow Balloon run away
Hide and Seek, Learn Colors
#balloon #learncolors #풍선 #무지개 #rainbow

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