2019 Todd McShay's NFL Mock Mel Kiper And The Crazy Feud That 1 day ago   37:41

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I wanna see Tony Romos mock draft
Drew lock?
Lotti Dotti
I think teams like Jacksonville, Miami, Washington and Denver will all try and make some kind of move for a qb. I can see Carr, Teddy B and possibly Stafford being moved. There is gonna be some crazy movement In this draft.
Sam Buffington
Y'all are just plain dumb if don't think the Vikings are taking an o line player first round. We have like 7 d line guys right now😂
49ers need a good draft. They need pass rushers and db’s. Going to be a bad season again if none of those problems gets fixed.
Erkki Koskimaa
I think Josh Allen will flop because he's seen as a true pass rusher, when his just a versatile OLB.
b b
Cardinals will take Murray at 1 and trade Josh Rosen to NE for their 32 pick of the first round
gary coker
cards taking q.williams if not trade down get more picks
Luke G's Field Review
If your a lions fan checkout my youtube channel where I talk Lions football

Luke G's Field Review
Lions will not CB if they stuck at 8. I can see TE, LB, and DE a head of CB
Zach Koelzer
Broncos select a CB??? Why are you wasting our times like this
John Martin
I doubt tyler murray gets drafted before the 6th round
Justin Brent
Jesus Jac looks so much Chris.
Andrew Hoffert
I think the jags will trade down to 10 with Cincy and get Murray. Then the broncos will get Daniel Jones and the dolphins will trade down with the Vikings and get drew lock
Samuel Cohoon
Would love Carolina to land one of the Clemson guys but I don’t think they’ll fall that far
clint brunke
The cards are not drafting a d line man they have 2 edge rushers already. Flat out . they will trade back with oakland I'm guessing cus they need a prime time edge rusher to replace mack. And the cards will draft either greedy Williams or Jonah williams
andrew seed
Mock drafts mean nothing right now, its all fantasy. As a matter of fact, fantasy football mock drafts right now is worth more. free agency will happen, combine and pro day workouts plus player interviews with the teams. maybe injuries as well. I think on purpose these guys get them wrong so as they get closer to the actual draft they can make picks that make sense and may come true.
Chris Turner
Why would the Vikings take a defensive end when we need offensive line or possibly a linebacker if we lose Barr. it would be like taking another corner no ?
Statick Shock
Jesus H. Christ, almost 8 minutes wasted talking about the 13th pick regarding Murray.
Bacon Boy
Devin Williams #12!!!!!
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Mel Kiper And The Crazy Feud That 2019 Todd McShay's NFL Mock 1 day ago   08:12

During the 1994 NFL Draft Indianapolis Colts GM, Bill Tobin, passed on Trent Dilfer to the dismay of Mel Kiper Jr. From there one of the most memorable feuds in NFL Draft history ensued.

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