2019 Todd McShay's NFL Mock NFL "Knowing the Rules" Moments 2 days ago   37:41

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James G
Mel Kiper reminds me of an 80's John Hughes movie character.
Wayne Friedman
The vikings are not taking an Edge player... They will draft an OL..
LJ Griffith
Todd McShay’s mommy wouldn’t even let him play flag football because it was too violent for him
The only clear thing I got out of this mock draft was that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. are definitely not friends.
Tyler Murray is going to be the most exciting player entering the NFL this coming year.. if you need a QB you should go after this young kid, he will fill your stadium for years to come.. You are going to see Craziness when he gets going on the run.. as much as you think you can box him in or spy him.. forget it, you will be breaking ankles and leaving laundry on the field trying to get your mitts on this kid.. give him a good offensive line like he had at Oklahoma, and a couple of good backs and receivers and tight ends to toss the ball to.. Man, I am telling ya.. it will be the most exciting show in the NFL every week.. Also in this draft, you have a so many freakishly built Wide Receivers.. 6'5, 6'6 220-230 pounds who all can run and catch, huge targets and then there are a couple of fabulous Tight Ends in Hockerson and Fant.. This to me is going to be the most exciting draft to date.. then you also have a couple of 4.31 burners in this draft as well.. who will take the top of whenever.. and Murray's elusiveness is on the same par as that of Marquise Brown.. Man, I am excited for this draft and this coming year of watching some of these draft picks play..
Lonnie Bean
Lions #8 greedy Williams or Rashan Gary nice.
Who will draft Johnny Horsecock?
Zeremy 92
"Who in the hell is Mel Kiper?"
Proverbs 1:22
25:23 Bruh Wdf Is That Sound Lmaoo
sweet swing22
This little boy cant pick his nose! Check out his picks for the last 4-5 years! Not a one right! Pitiful guesser. Lived in his moms basement watching porn, memorizing stats. Knows nothing about talent. He and Mel, with the televangilest hair do are awful. Why do they have these jobs, dad own the place? Useless.
Aidan Kenobi
I love the sound of the draft bells and Im goin to metlife to see the draft
Aidan Kenobi
if giants draft haskins im gonna cry
Cody Weeks
I can see the Bills taking Metcalf at 9!
duketha Killa
duketha Killa
If the packers get devin white I’ll cry
duketha Killa
I really want devin white to be a Viking
Giants need a stud OL. Then they can give Eli time to throw and Saquon lanes to run through and outscore their opponents . Other than that how about a pass rusher/ TE cover player. who can make their DBs have better coverage time. And don't forget they were only seconds away from a win in some games. 10-6 was feasible.
Dude. . They talked about Detroit for like 5 seconds. Show some respect and elaborate a bit for fk sakes
Denver needs to draft Devin White!!!! Brandon Marshall will gone.
Rough Rider
Kyler as a starter in the NFL? You're fucking morons if you truly believe that
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NFL "Knowing the Rules" Moments 2019 Todd McShay's NFL Mock 2 days ago   06:59

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