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Zach Smith
One kick and Gene would be incapacitated,just watch him kicking a heavy bag.
Ангел василев
The Brad Pitt character in the film isn't just some randon stuntman, he's supposed to be a war hero. He was a Green Beret who fought in World War ll and the fight in the movie isn't nearly ass one sided as people make it out to be. Both got the other one with one good clean shot and the third round was relatively even before it was interrupted. So let's all chill and just enjoy the movie we all know was a fictionalised version of events anyway.
Joe is so biased when it comes to grappling and bjj. He really thinks it’s the be all and end all.
I have a black belt in judo and I have trained at a seminar with Neil Adams former world judo champion and Olympic medalist.
During one of his demonstrations or lessons he likened the explosiveness of throws to the power Bruce Lee had in strikes.
One of the students there made a slight chuckle, but Neil told us all that Bruce was actually very very good at what he did.
He was serious in what he was saying.
That to me from a world judo champion is testament to how brilliant a martial artist Bruce Lee was.
True story ask Neil Adams👍
Mark Spencer
they need a PIP window to show what the hell he's talking about.
People keep forgetting that in the movie DiCaprio mentions that Brad Pitt's character was a war hero, presumably fought in Vietnam war or Korean conflict, he would have had combat experience and actually killed people.
Tiger G
Joe Rogan be disrespecting the fuck out of Bruce Lee.. One of the fastest humans ever recorded on camera
jj Atkinson
I don't agree with this, I get what Joe's saying but at his peak Bruce Lee was unbelievable. He would have altered his fighting to match the opponent. You can't just say he would easily beat Bruce in a fight, as good as Gene was, Bruce was lightening fast. ⚡ 👍
Big Boss Games
In a real street fight Bruce Lee would always win, hè would target the eyes super fast... It would be game over real fast ...
Donatello Aka Don Perrion
Craig Jones
Do not underestimate Lee's superhuman speed.
Michael O.
No yea
Xapis A
I’d bang Gene Lebell out easily
Ryan Estep
Joe is marking out. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a movie
kevin m
The Lee family should sue for defamation of character.
SizzleChest McMurphy
It's a fictitious movie. The world will be okay.
bruce lee will fuck all ya'll up, including joe rogan
Kovu Anakoni
Bruce Lee broke the first 2 rules....

he talked about Fight Club
i stoped watching the movie after that scene.
On 2Wheels
The movie was a alternate history movie so, no it wasn't based on real life...
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Joe Rogan on Working for a Private Investigator Joe Rogan | Was Tarantino's Bruce Lee Scene 1 day ago   10:54

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