Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme The Other Side Of The War On T-SERIES 1 day ago   03:54


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26 .5 .2019
T series is winning 100 million
Penglee Umbon
aagaya aukad pe sala
Just want to tell you, yesterday in school I saw my friend holding a card saying ‘SUBSCRIBE TO PEWSIEPIE’. He walker around the school campus holding it.
Akshat goel
Now t series won so now a brofist from t series😎👊
Akshat goel
Now t series won so now a brofist from t series😎👊
Josef YT
i will not stop the subcribe to pewdiepie i still do it the sub to pewdiepie
I am so glad he decided to make hitting possibly to biggest and last subscriber milestone on YouTube about him and us. Not T-Series... And you should be too.

What most people still fail to realize is that Felix will still be the #1 creator, and the first creator to 100,000,000. T-Series is a corporation literally NONE OF US knew about before all this began. And now they're just a corporation nobody cares about anymore lmfao.

Felix is a very unique, lovable, special, and respectable person. And that's exactly why he has been and will remain on top.

Jacob Hankinson
*Does This Mean There’s a Subscribe To T-Series Meme!?*
parth dev bundela
Beena Yadav
Hey why you are not reacting at subscribe count fight with t series 😎😎
*Hello with a single hand raised*
Me: Ah shit, here we go again
Pindu Bhai
Ho gayi have tight
evelyn rosello
tibiame vierchas
T-Series gay
Bluray Lazer
Pewdiepie in avengers infinity war:bitch lasagna,bitch lasagna
Pewdiepie in endgame:ending the sub to pewdiepie meme
Me:does this actually kill half of all living,if it does,KILL ME
cuz pewdiepie is about to end
Vandith Krishna
*The True ending of the pewdiepie meme is the friends we made along the way*
Lil Tee
When he talks serious let’s talk about that hair 👏🏾 it’s not serious at all
Ramesh Dewasi
If you did not use wrong words against India then you could win..
Sun to pewdiepie
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The Other Side Of The War On T-SERIES Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme 1 day ago   05:53

While everyone out here is fighting the holy war against T-Series, I'm here to put a different spin on it and look at what the rise of T-Series means beyond just taking over Pewdiepie. But like, still subscribe to Pewdiepie, though.

#Pewdiepie #Tseries #India

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T-Series vs Pewdiepie has been an ongoing battle for the place at the top, and it looks like India is gaining ground on Pewdiepie. Many people have come to Felix's aid, such as Mr. Beast, Markiplier, JackSepticeye, even Logan Paul has set the Logang to subscribe to Pewdiepie. So while I do support Pewdiepie, I wanted to make this video to analyze what happens when the mob mentality of a group goes a little bit too far and crosses the line.

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