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Like this video to grow a third leg...

yes that will totally happen...
I'm one of those pro-subtitle people. it's probably just got to do with people's brains and attention spans working differently. I have trouble focusing on audio for a long amount of time and I have bad listening comprehension, subtitles make movies waaaay easier for me to watch, but if you can focus on audio/visial better than reading it's probably harder to concentrate with the words trying to take your attention
I like fortnite Fortnite for ever
Hi EDIT:hiiiiiiiiioioiiiiii
Sarah Bindemann
Birds aren’t animals? 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🐕🦜
roel perry
6:30 thats not Bella Thorne. Thats Kirsten Stewart
Vee Lo
° °
Vee Lo
the youtube adictions
Yes a bowling arena I've been to bowling alleys but not arenas
Matice Clarijs
8:35 is the cover from the vid
Cookie Man
6:48 My mother can do better than this!
2:02 subtitles are actually good so you can Hear something. Hmmmmmmmm there is something obvious here but I dont know🤔🤔🤔
Leah Animates
If I saw that seagull I would just eat it ??
Charlie McLean
I mean,my dad is deaf so I don’t know when he will start watching with so I just keep subtitles on all the time.
Subtitles are good to hear why their saying. r/facepalm
The devil himself Asher mwhahahaha!
You sound like fyrus
most of them being girls *really* says something
JD Kathrineberg
5:00 look at some milk cartons
The Cutest Potato
Get this... YOUTUBE:*Deletes video for copyright claims*

Also YOUTUBE:Allows Mickey sticking needle into mini Mickeys...

That's just horror
Why you feeling down, What’s the problem?
kwhykitkats white
Gio I don't think that that fried corn would be a bit disgusting,it would be absolutely disgusting Lol
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r/Facepalm | no crime please r/facepalm Best Posts #18 1 day ago   15:09

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