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This isn't our Google Pixel 3 review, but it will give you the first set of tips and tricks to run through just as you get your new phone. These are the first 10 things to do with the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL.

Pixel 3 Review: https://drd.life/2yDkAOb

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Nikil Wikoon
i love the notch sm am i the oNLY ONE
Oh nice, u filmed this on my birthday! October 13th on the phone screen that’s so cool
Bagas Mahendra
My pixel 3 xl lost the signal . Arrgghhh and i live in indonesia, must go to singapore to claim warranty. Fuck ! Any other same trouble with me ?
Emad M
Long video yes... But worth every second. Thank u loads. Uve answered all the dam questions that i hv n mentioned great points i didnt kno abt. Definitely my next fone will b a google pixel. Thank u!
Jean Elysée
I love my s8 ( plus I've recently upgraded to one ui so I love it more ) but I want to use the pixel 3 so bad 😭
James Kristoff
Some great "hand acting" in this video... When you say the name of the phone and then point at it at the same time..pure genius..!! The way you hold the earbuds in one hand and do your descriptive hand acting with the other... where did you learn that..??!!! I hope you dont mind but I may steal that from you its that good... And your "up-swiping" is amazing..flawless actually... I still cant decide on which phone to purchase ...I'm still leaning towards the Pixel... Plus I love saying "Pixel" Its cute right..?
Why is it so expensive :(
Foodie Medellin
DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! So... last year I bought the Google Pixel XL 2 because the camera was amazing. The models before reported issues with the camera app (issues Google couldn't give solutions to) stupidly I said to myself "that's alright, I'm sure by the time I get mine, they would have already found the solution, it's Google!" Less than a year after I bought the phone they made an update of the camera app and it destroyed it. Now I have a phone without a camera... it's useless! And of course they STILL haven't found a solution. Here's the thing, the same issue has been reported with the new model so if you're looking into getting this phone, don't be as stupid as I was and do not ignore the red flags. Since they wouldn't give me a solution I'm on a mission of letting people know the truth about their bogus expensive products, it was a very expensive mistake and now I'll have to find more money for a new phone 😒 #teampixel SUCKS!
Michael Morales
Thanks! Just got to talk with VIN with Google Store.he is very knowledgeable as well priced the Pixel 3 at $799.00.4&64gb. And the screen.is Corning Guerilla Glass 5( hope I got the gorilla word right or else I'm in for it 😀. Good video I like your expertise
So beyond disappointed in my pixel 3. Had issues with voice dropping out with full signal. Phone eventually fully died for no reason. Even 6 hours on the phone with Google techs and on hold couldn't fix the issue. Good luck if you waste your money on this. I will never repeat this mistake.
Matty J Holden
So when does the 'first 10 things to do' start?
Stephanie Elmore
Samsung Galaxy 10 is great my opinion is Samsung is number 1
Luke Johnstone
Thanks this help so much
Gracygotcuter 101
I've been wanting to get one but i cant find where u can order it without getting scammed. Does anybody know
Govi Escudero
The Caterpillar Diaries
Just got this phone!!
Aaron Gary
I just ordered the Pixel 3 XL. Im so hyped, i am coming from a LG V20
Targui Ismail
the phone lose 5% batterie in 20min doing regular things ... that's bad overall i think it's the best camera phone
Ryan The Lion
My Pixel 1 loses 50% battery in like 1 hour...
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Google Pixel 3 - 2 Months Later....Hard Pixel 3: First 10 Things to Do! 1 day ago   13:57

The Google Pixel 3 with its amazing camera have been around for more than two months now. We take a closer look its problems, and how it has fared vs the competition like the OnePlus 6T and other smartphones.

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