Trump Thinks We're Very Profiles in Tremendousness - Federal Reserve 2 days ago   03:33

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Some version of the Mueller Report is expected to drop sometime next week and the Trump is feeling good about it. He was asked today if he's worried about the fact that his Attorney General claims he will not redact potentially embarrassing parts of the report, and that question gave Trump a rare opportunity to wax poetic about himself. In other news, it was a tough day for Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who was arrested in London and could soon be extradited on charges he faces back here in the states. Assange was charged by the Justice Department with conspiring to hack into U.S. government computers. And because everything is totally weird now, Julian's friend Pamela Anderson lashed out on Twitter.

Judge James – Estranged Couple's Dog Custody Battle

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Trump Thinks We're Very Lucky He's President

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Dudu Yxl
Jiimmy?? You too? I mean Jimmy Fallon is a big old trump’s cock sucker so We all expect stupid comments from him about Julian Assange. But you? What happened to you?
Andres Camilo Nigrinis Stapper
This didn't age well Kimmel
mark harrowfield
hell what's unlucky?
Jacob Brown
flower power
Where are all the religious republicans that voted this lieing, cheating, immoral ass?
The Donald
Damn I'm good
Gonzo The great
DERANGED DONALD!! the best thing to happen to America, the place was boring, now you have an inmate running the institution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyr us
He is an Idiot
Goose -
Reading Jimmy Kimmels comment section is so hysterical and just shows how delusional and out of touch with reality and brainwashed the left is. Just a bunch of idiots talking about stuff they don’t even know . All of you aboard the anti-trump coalition need to start looking at the facts and the real truth about the great things he’s done for the country instead of watching brain washing crap like this and other left wing media company’s . I’m tired of Hollywood folks like him indoctrinating you all into believing this crap . It’s honestly embarrassing. Nobody cares what him or anyone has to say because they themselves our out of touch with reality as a whole . Wake up people HOLLYWOOD IS A JOKE
Richard Conner
Ceri B
Is every talk show host missing the point with Assange and what this means for people who whistle blow on crimes against humanity and corruption?
We are extremely lucky that he is our president... Black Unemployment is at an all time low, our economy is thriving, crime rate keeps decreasing, and thousands of jobs are being brought back here.

I don’t think a liberal would ever do that
Jens G
Dirty Donald at his best.
Nate W
You see, people would stop mocking Trump if he stopped acting so mock-able.
David Ram
IMF payed, look into it
KT Bon
Asange is creepy looking.
Adlin Ling
Trump is only president because he lied about his successes and made promises that he failed to deliver on and voters fell for it.
Everyone making fun of Assange and the way he looks.. Do you people even realise what his arrest signifies? No, of course not, as long as his beard makes you laugh.
Raghu Seetharaman
The left is tripping over itself, lol.
toney ingram
He's only good for the rich and the racist
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Profiles in Tremendousness - Federal Reserve Trump Thinks We're Very 2 days ago   07:53

Donald Trump’s Federal Reserve Board nominee, Herman Cain, has a lot in common with the president, from a fact-free presidential campaign to sexual harassment allegations.

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