What Happened To Tesla's Solar How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla 1 day ago   05:21

Elon Musk unveiled prototypes of Tesla's Solar Roof tiles In October 2016. They came in four styles that looked just like normal roofing material but were essentially miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels.

The announcement helped Tesla justify its $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity one month later and represented Musk's vision for what the businesses could do together.

It's been almost two years since then. So where are the tiles?

"We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that's going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out," Musk said on Tesla's Q2 earnings call in August.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC

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What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles? | CNBC

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Nathan C.
He paid $100,000 for what amounts to a beta product. Who makes customers pay full price for unfinished protections so they can beta test them for free? Only Tesla.
Axiom Exodus
don’t u guys geeeet itttt. this dude has made things work in worse conditions. stop doubting elon. he’s the future.
Jaosn Fuller
how come tesla doesn't use their acquisition of solarcity to inlay solar panels onto the roofs of their tesla cars?
mark reed
meanwhile, in the real world, the client is choosing designer closets and granite in her kitchen over pre formed Formica and could gaf about it.
I've had friends that spent $80k on a shingle roof. $100k is extremely cheap
All done on Tax Payers Dime... Beware the New and Improved Robber Barons... Tesla has received millions in government subsidies
ThatFly WelshGuy
“I don’t think this will ever pay for itself” enough said
Elon is John Gault.
Sasha Da Masta
In traditional Norwegian houses I’ve seen on the country side, they used giant flat slabs of rock. Considering the wiring that must be done and the efficiency lost by trying to make the panels so small and then stacking them on top of each other like that, I don’t know what they expect to achieve. They literally only have to make the tiles 3x-6x bigger and plenty of these details will be much less meaningful. Those old Norwegian barns and houses looked super cool.
Kay Dar
Musk is a very innovative person, and new inventions in today's world require extensive testing before being mass produced. 200-300 years ago when many of the foundational discoveries were being made in physics, chemistry, electricity, etc, there was no legislation, so inventors could experiment and implement more freely, allowing them to learn as they go. Whereas today's innovators are expected to release a fully formed and completely safe product, and that simply can't be done in any kind of reasonable, market friendly, time frame.
Ron Gray
Want a true "home"? Look up Micheal Reynolds, Earthship Biotecture...screw your wood houses...
Ron Gray
Ponzi schemes...and this a-whole thinks we think he put a Tesla car in "space"...the damage and heritage destroyed to the man Nikola Tesla! Musk should be sued and have to remove the "Tesla" name from each of his businesses...
This is actually not a new idea. Japan has been making solar shingles for years and they are already in production. Many Japanese homes have been constructed with them for years. I'm not knocking Musk, I support everything he is doing. Because he sometimes seems like the only business man in America with any kind of forward vision. Why this seems so innovative to Americans is because we have been conditioned to think we are the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. When the truth is we are falling behind Europe and Asia in technology.
Kathryn Buchnowski
Being from Buffalo, all of us here are literally banking on this technology. If evil minded business people can stay out of way, it can and will happen. Everyone can win. I just pray Elon has his dream come true and not wind up like the man who proved cars could run on water. Yes. You didn't know that? Cars can run on pure hydrogen too. Google it. See those stories. Makes me so sad. Imagine the peace that would exist and how this constant fight over clean air and global warming would be a thing of the past if not for evil minded individuals whose only purpose in life is to manipulate our lives in order to live like kings.
rudolf desadeleer
100k ...maybe I better wait a little to buy those 30 year T bonds that will give me 4 percent or 4000 a year...that is enough to pay my electric bill every year and I end up with 100 k after 30 years while you end up with jackshit with solar tiles from tesla
first last
What mini-mall is going to spring for the extra asthetic for solar tiles? Convincing such a place to even use regular solar panels is tough enough
Cotronixco Olson
"We have made solar cost-effective in most of the country." FALSE.
Louis Zhang
The reason why great things don't happen is because people criticize those who actually want to make a change for the better.
Steve Swearngin
Sounds so much like Elizabeth Holmes and Thoranos.
Luke Johnson
Elon looking thicc
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