What Happened To Tesla's Solar 100W Solar panel || DIY or Buy 1 day ago   05:21

Elon Musk unveiled prototypes of Tesla's Solar Roof tiles In October 2016. They came in four styles that looked just like normal roofing material but were essentially miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels.

The announcement helped Tesla justify its $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity one month later and represented Musk's vision for what the businesses could do together.

It's been almost two years since then. So where are the tiles?

"We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that's going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out," Musk said on Tesla's Q2 earnings call in August.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC

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What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles? | CNBC

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Badrakh Ariunchimeg
AUSIO2 SIO3P depending on sun 87% effiiceint in winter
I want to build a conversion van and have enough solar to live in it full time. I wish Tesla would make a powerwall for Rv's and such.
Muhammad Jawad
New technology is good if its cost effective
If the prices get so much cheaper, we need this in Florida big time. We are the sunshine State after all
dick swagg
please send me a cash donation I need help: 123 tucker dr, Starr sc 29684. thanks
Why not start by making the roof tiles themselves larger?
Charles Allen
California steals energy from the roof panels through restrictions under law. A homeowner cannot unplug from the grid so each home become a power source for the local utilities. Solar is not a real bargain in California. One reason quoted is not everyone can afford solar, so those that supply energy for free to all the others. When you can totally unplug, solar will be a great benefit for individual homes and businesses.
Joe Real
If your home is self sufficient, then there's no need to hook up to the grid.
Évariste Galois
He will need 23.15 years to recover the price of the solar panels with his electrical bills....
I guess in the meantime someone will create a more performant solar roof
bino mejia
Elon is getting fat while his employees are looking like sombies...😂😂
Badrakh Ariunchimeg
VVVVVVVVVVVVV ranged solar panel would much more energy harvest ?
JT 7
An incredible idea. Good things take time. Godspeed.
So sad I really want this for my future home
Also he said his summer bill is $450 and is now $40 and he doesnt think it'll pay for itself?? For just 5 months out of one year you save over $2k, not to mention he had to redue his roof anyway so you have to remove the cost of a traditional reroofing job which here in oregon is anywhere between 7-15$ a square foot and because wether is so rainy most people here have to replace their roof every 2 decades or so unlike someplaces where it never rains and they get to keep the same roof for 50 years
So for me this would be amaizng
Theranos 2.0
G. C.
Too expensive
Chuck Brenner Indianashogman
What happened was the S.A.I. program is blocking the sun and solar panels are not as efficient as was meant to be .
Dennis Diamond Belvis
Just wait, you bunch of eager beavers, testing and refining comes first!
Jimmy Gonza
ARE APOLOGIES COMING, LIKE FROM CNN AND FOX NEWS ANCHORS?personal written apologetic letters or emails to MR.TRUMP?
Hell or Highwater
Stopped watching after 3:25
Invesigator 2
Someone noticed that when white Americans become rich they gain weight. In the rare cases when when Afro-Americans become really wealthy, they lose weight.
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100W Solar panel || DIY or Buy What Happened To Tesla's Solar 1 day ago   09:06

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