1V1 BASKETBALL VS LIL BROTHER! ( I WIN I CUT HIS HAIR OFF,HE Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball 1 day ago   19:11

Deshae Frost
just a kid with a camera




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Deshae Frost
😈 y’all get a notification for this video?
Jakori Richardson
HooperTony 12
Most definitely a travel 😭🤣
John Harris
Mel need to stop pushing
Crystal Montgomery
I think he traveled
Fly gamer
Why u Couldn’t cut your hair
Antonio Johnson
Mel mel wasn't playing after he hurt his knee
Sanayah Pedraza
I love Brooklyn's laugh 5:04
Jayjay500 Mangal
I don't get basketball. Cause when Mel shot when he was in his fourth shot. It went straight up to six and went past five and I saw the same thing going on with your tag teem battle with you and your brother vs ddg his friend. Is it like if you score two or times in a row that your points get doubled or is it like if you get to a certain number and you score twice it gets doubled?
jordain bent
You look just like your brother
Javon Davis
Your brother right you travel sooo bad that sad
Deshae traveled like a mf
Nakiya Murray
Mel Mel is playing monkey in the middle with the basket and deshae is the monkey in the middle🤦🏽‍♀️🤨👌😂
Keith Lucas
Did you say thank you 2 the guy giving you back your ball
Joery Despeines
Deshae is trash Amarie is way better deshae is a traveler he has no handles and is a fouler
Lil Simba
Backfire!!!!!! Lol
Amira Ahmed
Deshae was trying so hard to play him again cause he mad he lost and ppl be saying Mel Mel hairs nice asf and it is🤣😍
Tony A1
9:13 🧳 TRAVEL !!! 😏 I woulda skunked him he only driving to the right .. that’s it 😂😂
Invade Dripp
Deshae traveled tho fr fr😂
Jaidon Wardlow
Deshae is a hack
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Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball 1V1 BASKETBALL VS LIL BROTHER! ( I WIN I CUT HIS HAIR OFF,HE 1 day ago   10:26

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