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Big nations might be struggling to avoid a two-degree temperature rise but the Arctic island of Greenland is welcoming it. A beautiful look inside how the island nation has changing attitudes about climate change.

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Bebe Pikachu Meza Ayala
Sorry and killer
Brian Wills
horse shit
now i've got my Greenland playlist
John Clayden
Well - good news - looks like they'll be able to grow wheat and plants again, just as they did 1000 years ago ....
the lower half of Florida is below sea level ... it shouldn't take much melting ice to cover it over ...
Time Fourty
Already happened in 1922. Who has ever read about the 1800 froze to death? It takes place in 1816.
Donna Bailey
Dam spellcheck. I meant Greenlanderese .
Donna Bailey
Greenlanders no doubt.
Starley Shelton
Truthfully could not care less. You seem to forget something. That the co2 and methane were removed from the atmosphere. That is the source before frozen in the ground. You are recycling it back with melting of permafrost. The planet has been ice free numerous times and not once have those gases recycling back destroyed the planet.

It is really absurd. The temps you are talking are already existing in the tropics and equatorial regions of the planet and those regions flourish. And none of the green house gases you worry about are anything new. And if all the land based ice were to melt it would take OVER 5000 years for Greenland and much much longer for Antarctica. If you can't get out way of sea levels that are rising for the last 12000 years, you deserve to drown.
Komer West
A warning word has been a good thing for all living things. Yes people have to move to higher ground and to change the way they live. It's not going to happen overnight put on a steady pace that man can adjust to.
Cuppa Coffee
GREENLAND was WARMER in the 1400 to 1600 when Vikings lived there. The earth was warmer in the past.
GLOBAL COOLING is happening now.  The Earth is getting colder. The Sun controls temperature on Earth.  And the Sun is cyclical.
Yes Climate change is real, but controlled by the Sun.
The warm period ended in 2005.
 "GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM." .. look it.
The Sun is going into its Hibernation  cycle just as it did in the mid 1600s with the last mini Ice age.
Governments cant Tax the Sun though eh? People are being fooled with Climate Change Propaganda.
Look up ...
John L Casey
Prof Valeria Zjarkova
Adapt 2030
Ice Age Farmer
Oppenheimer ranch project.
....people are being kept in the dark, and taxed.
Aussie Shane
Start Planting TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of TREE'S. Like the Earth use to have before us.
I guarantee that will fix the Flooding and Bring the Climate back under Control.
By Planting Tree's. All of the extra Co2 will then be LOCKED UP into the Tree's.
And the byproduct will be tones of OXYGEN for life and a Stable Climate.
Interstellar scene
miriam kucera
Is just coming out from ice age
Wood Work
Climate cycle middle of summer. Cashing in and making it worse
William Buick
Keep pushing the hoax ! Grand solar minimum ! Ice age ! Co2 has nothing to do with climate !
Can someone please tell me the name of the song at the beginning? It sounds soo beautiful but I cannot find it myself. Is it from Nanook?
Yet Trump is not impressed.
David Anewman
We are sending all our CO2 to Iceland.
Drin Ton
0:28 what song ?
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