Google Photos for iOS - Demo! Google Photos First Look 2 days ago   02:52

Hey guys, today we're taking a first look at Google Photos for iOS - Announced today, the 28th of May at Google I/O 2015, Photos is a rather interesting and delightfully generous service provided by google. Enjoy!

Get Google photos on the Appstore and Google Play store for iOS and android, and for the desktop (web) version, click here:

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Amruta Bakre
It doesn’t searches photo like in android though , I mean if I search beach it doesn’t show beach photos, is there a way please help.
Does anyone know whether it's possible to upload pics from google photos directly to instagram? I couldn't do it in the iphone app so I had to save it and then from upload it apple photos. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks!
What wallpaper is that? It's awesome dude 🙏🏽
Areeb Ijaz
I liked this type of video.
Hey Adi, Just installed it on my iPhone 6 Plus and it works great! so far Knock Wood ;)
Alex Wroblewski
This is amazing !!!
Chris Maier
Can we get an updated what's on my iPhone video soon? I'd say it's time for one
Sarah Hochberg
Harshit Pandey
hey Aaditya
you wrote top 5 LYDIA tweaks for ios 8
Yes I like this style of videos.
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Google Photos First Look Google Photos for iOS - Demo! 2 days ago   06:21

Upload, backup, and index all of your photos using Google Photos. Josh brings you a first look at the newly released system.

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