They destroyed our house She hasn't cleaned her computer in 3 YEARS 1 day ago   13:04

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Updates on the house, cats and spicy plantballs.

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They destroyed our house


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Hey my bitbois. This video was shot over a week ago so brief update on the house and cat - House framing is 100% done and looks incredible. almost ready for electrical, insulation, drywall, etc. Cat is 1000x better now. His leg is almost completely healed and he's back to being his normal cat self. Also jw--Vlogs once a week too much? Been enjoying making them so much that I think they turn out good when I'm super into it. Could try incorporating more tech into them too. Probably won't make a second channel just for vlogging though. One channel is enough work :P
A hamburger
Is Charlie ok? What about Charlie? WHAT HAPPENED TO CHARLIE!?!?
Cool home remodel video. You don't have to tear up that wall to hang the mirror. What you can do is mount a long enough strip of wood, lets say 1x2x30 inch strip or just under the width of the mirror and fastened that strip to the studs with some heavy duty screws. Then you can mount the mirror to the strip of wood. Granted, the mirror will be slightly further away from the wall where the mounting screws are located but it should be fine. The other thing you can do is use a heavy duty hanging wire between the two mounting holes on the mirror and hang it on one heavy duty screw that you would screw into said strip of wood. I used this same basic technique to mount a floating wood closet organizer inside my closet because the mounting brackets of the organizer didn't match up with the wall studs.
I love the vlogs because I love seeing wifey sauce and how fun she is and makes you more silly ! I’ve been rewatching them every day lately.
gerald h'ng
Who else drills through cement and bricks
Poul Haacker
Please never self censor all the silly parts. Had me laughing hard during my morning commute.
Niko Marjomaa
Why on Earrh do you let your cat roam freely? You do know that it is really bad, in many countries actually illegal. Either keep him on a leash outside (contolled) or keep him inside.

I am mot trying to be an ass, but house cats are not meant to roam freely. It is really unsafe for them as well.
Amit Gupta
11:54 Use toggle-bolts, problem solved
Michael Martin
I bet Kyle wished Wifeysauce was wearing a cone... ;)
I see Lyle, I click Like.
Lessons after this video: Not having kids and never having animals!
Getting notification 6 days later 😂😂😂😂😂
When it got onto the car, i just started crying. I didnt care about anything else except about the car
For your mirror, I would suggest using French Cleats. They can be mounted on the studs and span the hollow area just fine. You could even try a hanging wire with the mount hooks on the studs.
Josh Jonathan
for the mirror, just get a wood 2x4 and mout the mirror to that, and then that to the wall. idk how it would look, just an idea
Denis Kroeker
Samimari Shien
Came back for the funny ad. 😊 good job.
Her face at the end was priceless
Bailey Maroney
Anyone else notice the demon at 5:05
Is the pee on you?
Hmm, is the pee on the car?
Awh shit haha
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She hasn't cleaned her computer in 3 YEARS They destroyed our house 1 day ago   09:54

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Her computer hasn't been cleaned in 3 YEARS


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