Never Before Seen DUNKS NBA's Best Dunks | 2018-19 1 day ago   16:10

In this episode of Dunk League, we challenged the dunkers to get creative and show what they could do on a 9 FOOT rim. Who can throw down the CRAZIEST dunk when we lower the hoop?

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In case you missed it:
Episode 1 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Miami:
Episode 2 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Los Angeles:
Episode 3 - 90 Second Freestyle:
Episode 4 - How High Dunk Contest
Season 1:

Dunk League Season 2 is the most ambitious dunk competition ever held. After holding auditions across the country, we brought the 10 BEST dunkers in the world to NYC to square off in 16 different dunk competitions to officially crown the world's BEST dunker. We'll be dropping new episodes of Dunk League Season 2 every Monday, only on Whistle.

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Comments 1214 Comments

Ywar Bro
9:00 what he, doing
Noah Ogle
Is that James white from the patriots
Yak Reacts
Can any of them really hoop?
Joseph Ybanez
Why is the commentator always angry? Jeez
Brandon Smith
He did not even jump over the guy. He jumped beside him. CJ’s dunk was way more explosive and impressive in my opinion. He got ripped off.
Vance Bocas
They love that slo-mo button. 🤦‍♂️ What's next, a Star Wipe for everything?
Ln D
Professor said he jumped over someone but guy jumped to the side not over him
Ln D
How is purdie in last he’s 10x better than isiah Rivera
Тома Даракчиев
seb wilson
why eminem in the background 8:59
Ethan Eckert
stfu you “HELLO” headass
l e t s
g e t

*P O P P I N!*
big nasty
I honestly cant do this on a 6ft rim
Humble_ lion- скромный Лев
I saw Kilganons dunk diff in my head, I thought he'd do a diff one.
Cool guy
Tough for southernland. He’s got retarded bounce hope he healthy soon 🙏
Young Caahton
Should do a lob to yourself and then a reverse double pump
Sukhraj Dhah
James Mitch
Put *Derrick Jones JR.*
7:30 he practiced that dunk man it's jclark
Patrick R.
The challenges get more and more Wack every episode.. I'm trying to see regular dunks with creativity. You got the best dunkers in the world (right now) and you want them to jump over walls?!?! C'mon
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NBA's Best Dunks | 2018-19 Never Before Seen DUNKS 1 day ago   12:42

As we reach the quarter mark of the 2018-19 NBA Season, let's take a look at the best dunks of the season so far!

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