The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Radical Young Israelis and the Price 2 days ago   17:39

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In January, European Union restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria were lifted, meaning citizens of those countries were free to travel and work throughout the EU. This inspired anger in wealthier countries like the UK, where people anticipated a flood of migrants looking to take advantage of relatively generous welfare systems. This anger was directed most fiercely at the Roma.

Europe's largest ethnic minority — also known as gypsies — has long endured bigotry and abuse. This year, they've been a boon to rightwing politicians who've used them to garner support for anti-immigration policies and achieve significant electoral victories.

VICE News examines the so-called "Roma influx" by visiting a Roma community in northern England, then traveling to Romania to meet a group of Roma who have just been evicted from their homes and don't have the money to leave the country to seek out better lives.

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Hong Vi Do
Hello, I am from Australia and I visited Slovakia on several occasions. At first, I was appalled at the way the Slovaks were describing the Romas and their attitudes towards them. But after being there I soon realised the difficulty of living next to the Roma people. I think we should place sympathy where it is earnt such as for the systematic destabilisation of the governments of many African nations. Not for people who are unwilling to work and only want easy money.
Vijay Chand
Europe is mainly Christian nation, What does the bible say, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as yourself.Or this the bible says. This is very sad on behalf of this gypsies, this type of treatment is inhumane. Put yourself in their shoe, and see how you feel. These people are humans like us. No one should go through like this.Its too late they are here, just like new migrants. Change your attitude towards them. And they have to change their attitude as well, show some respect or it will be very difficult for them to live in peace. But you can't blame them totally, from the beginning face discrimination from the most. Think,
Nova 2006
Good god really Vice so people that were not invited from some torn-up country that refused to fight for their own beliefs in there own country go to some other country expect people to let them in when Western countries have a system where you pay into the system and get some back and he's activities destroy that system I hate Russia and I hate the Ukraine you didn't see any Ukrainian migrants flooding Europe or America or any Western Country looking to get out as far down as they are both sides decided to fight and not leave some generations fight for what they believe in and become something and some generations run and get absorbed in other cultures get over it they ran get absorbed or go home and fight there is an argument to it
karan Naga
"How can I be racist? My wife is from Sri Lanka." As a Sir Lankan I found that hilarious!
Sig Kimber
If they have been there since before WWII then that is their home.
Andrijana Dodenc
It's a never ending cycle they dont get jobs so they have to rob and cheat trust me no one wants to live like that Roma are extremely talented it's a shame Europe cant start a discussion and an agreement with them to explain how important education if becuase education is the only answer to the Romas problems and Europes problems
Lori Lucas
I would love to do a DNA test on them.
Mild-Mannered Foxen
Gypsies not "Roma" don't have a culture, they don't respect any of you or whatever "culture" you're in, they're just trying to leash as much off you as they can AND YOU ACTUALLY LET THEM l m a o
l am Mexican, l actually look like them...l can't fucken stand them.. is not racism...its the fact that they are scum
Blue B
Nobody likes them or wants them in any country world wide is because they are very hostile people , all they do is depend on government funds and support to live. They only take from the community but never do anything constructive, give them an entire new refurbished block they turn it into a ghetto within months. This is something that can be seen everywhere Roma live. They live outside of the grid majority are illiterates and live pagan life's still . They don't send their children to schools. Every area they live in is filled with violence and theft. They are living this lifestyle for centuries in Europe. No wonder they are out casted from all societies. I live in the Balkans and i see how destructive they are. They ruin entire neighbourhood's changing them into ruins actual ghettos live off government support and then play the victim card.
one plus
Those people if they wouldn't do what they are doing: stealing, robbing, crime etc they will be same as normal people and nobody will discriminte them. I am a Romanian and i am not proud of what they are doing all arround the world, and they are coming from everywhere, not just from here. They also come in Romania from somewhere else also before the 80's. Romania was and still is a great country. Just come and visit it, not as everyone doing news from i don't know what villages or places forgoten by time in Romania. Hope i was clear.
P. K.
It is sad how so many foreign people cannot make the difference between a Roma gypsy and pure Romanian. Not all Romanians are gypsies...
As a Romanian, it hurts to not be able to say where you are from out of fear of being told that you are a gypsy
everybody who hates the Roma/Gypsies i completely agree with ... everywhere they live is a lot of trash everything is dirty they are dirty they are always looking what to steal from others they are mostly violent ...
and most of them don't like to work they just want the welfare the easy money ... and believe me where im from there are a lot of them i know
King Killerstripe
Slovakian Roma are worse they can go to hell for all I care
King Killerstripe
You Gypsy arseholes can go to hell for all I care I will get a hold of one of you in the future and beat the bloody stuffing pulp out you just wait and watch
ado fonconi
We don't deserve the cultural enrichment they can give, just welcome them in your countries, please.
Franz Papai
How can I be racist, my wife is from Sri Lanka.
How can I be racist, I like chinese food.
How can I be racist, I was on vacation in Spain.....
These days Europeans are smoking lots of weeds that why they are labeling gypsy as Indians. Indians are hindu's. Hinduism is worlds oldest religion.. But gypsy are not hindu... Their culture is different.. Their language is different... Europeans needs psychiatrist help !!!!
So they like muslims. Sendem packing.
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Radical Young Israelis and the Price The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: 2 days ago   07:01

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For a few years, a young radical group of Israeli settlers in the West Bank have committed random acts of violence and vandalization against Palestinians and their property to make them pay the price for affronting their way of life. They call themselves "Pricetaggers," and they've largely avoided prosecution by Israeli authorities.

VICE News gets rare access to the young members of the Price Tag movement -- at the homecoming of Moriah Goldberg, 20, who just finished a 3-month sentence for throwing stones at Palestinians. She and her family remain proud of the act, even as the current conflict in Gaza was sparked after an all too familiar round of retributive violence.

Deadliest Day as Israel Intensifies Ground Offensive in Gaza:

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